Sunday, August 24, 2008

Do I have to go back to school?

I start back to school tomorrow, and it's creeping me out! I feel like the summer just started. But I really had the best summer ever. I got to work at a great law firm and have an invitation to come back next summer (Yay!). I got to intern with the best judge ever, and I gained so much wonderful experience I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. I got to relax a bit with my love and plan a lot of the wedding, taking some strain off my shoulders for this fall.
And all that is great... BUT... this semester is going to be incredibly intense. I have (of course) law review duties to think about. I am doing moot court (yay!) that will also take up a lot of time. I'm interning with a federal court of appeals judge (which is kind of a big deal, and I would really like to devote a lot of time to that, as well). I also have to go to class and study, of course. All on top of finalizing wedding plans! So if I don't post a lot after today, I'm sorry in advance. It's just going to be hectic.
BUT, you know I'm an optimist. I just keep thinking that if I can do THIS, then I can do anything, right? Plus it's totally good practice for juggling time like attorneys inevitably must do. So I'm just going to get it done and get some sleep in when I can. :)
Miss you, family and Dallas friends. :)

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