Monday, March 23, 2009

So tired...

Apparently 95% of all dogs that get adopted from the SPCA end up having some kind of health problem. Silly me. I just thought I was doing something great by adopting a puppy who needed a home and didn't even think about how poorly pets are taken care of at shelters. And, of course, Lilly's sick.

She didn't eat much last night, but I thought she might just be tired so I didn't worry much. Then this moring (5:00 to be exact), I woke up and she was throwing up. Poor baby. Her stomach kept making these weird gurgling noises, and it was clear she didn't feel well at all. She wouldn't eat or drink. Stupid internet had me CONVINCED it was parvo (which is ridiculously fatal for puppies). So I took her to the vet, and it was like they expected that she would be sick when I told her she was from the SPCA. I think we've ruled out parvo, but the vet wasn't sure why her tummy was so upset. I brought in a poopy sample (which was not fun to collect, by the way), and I should hear the results tomorrow.

The vet gave her a couple of pills and injected some fluids under her skin to rehydrate her (which made her look like a hunchback for a few hours), and she seems to be doing better. I can't express how horrified I was this morning when I thought she might die... seriously. I'm amazed at how attached I've become to this little girl in only three days! She really is the sweetest puppy ever. She loves to give mommy kisses (though she only nuzzles Daddy because she knows he doesn't like kisses on the face). And she's pretty chill for a Lab (althought that could have a lot to do with the fact that she may have some underlying illness that's kept her from feeling well), and she's learning so fast. No accidents in the house or her crate for a whole day!

I do have to share this adorable story, though. It's been so sweet to see Micah become attached to Lilly. He is pretty enamored, and he likes cuddling with her on the couch. So the other night, we decided that we'd cuddle with her in the bed while we watched Friends for a little while. So I brought her in the bedroom while Micah went and got the dvd. Right as he walks into the room with Lilly's stuffed duck in his hand, looking excited to play with and love on Lilly, the dog pees on the bed. His face just fell because he knew we'd have to put her outside and clean the bed and we wouldn't get our cuddle time... it was too adorable.

Anyway... keep my angel in your prayers. I don't know what I'd do without this precious face!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring Break has been.... eventful!!

Micah and I went home to Dallas last Friday for a few days. It's always amazing going home. I love my family and Micah's, and there's nothing like the peace of Josephine. I miss it so much in this big city... I feel so small and insignificant here sometimes.

Anyway, we got to see our families, and Fluffy did well on both the drive there and back home. She can be a very good girl sometimes. But sometimes... she's... well let's just say she's SASSY! We spent the better part of today cutting out part of our carpet pad and cleaning the carpet where Fluffy has had some accidents. Micah just could NOT handle it anymore. So hopefully he's satisfied now. ;)

Also... while we were driving to Chuy's for lunch yesterday (LOVE that place and their jalepeno cream sauce!) a "Check Charging System" light came on in Micah's truck. The manual in his glove box said that message was only super-urgent when it came on at high speeds, which it hadn't, so we assumed we had time to get home so I could change and get to moot court practice. On the way back, all of the electronics in his truck had just shut down. Even his speedometer! Thank goodness we made it home, because on Micah's way to the auto parts store, his truck died. On the side of the road. He didn't want to have it towed because it was late at night and everything was closed, so he decided to wait until the morning. We went back this morning and the truck was still there and unharmed, so we called a tow truck. But the City of Houston beat us to the punch. Before the tow truck WE called could get there, this guy working for the City came by and told us he had to tow the truck. Thank goodness we talked him into taking it to the Ford dealership down the road instead of to the city's processing center. But it was still more expensive... still waiting to hear how much it's going to cost to replace Micah's alternator.

The BIGGEST news is that Micah and I bought a puppy yesterday!! I just couldn't stand it any longer. I LOVE dogs, and everyone around me has one, and when Micah's brother walked into his parents' house with the sweetest little puppy, I just decided I could wait no longer. We knew we wanted a lab, so we looked around the lab rescues here in town and all over the state and couldn't find the right one. I just kind of felt guilty going through a breeder when there are so many unwanted dogs in pounds. So I decided to check out the Houston SPCA website, and about three pages in, I saw the SWEETEST little chocolate lab face looking back at me! We RUSHED to the SPCA to see if she was still there, and I couldn't find her anywhere. I finally looked in the small dogs room and seriously started crying when I found her. There were like FOUR chocolate lab puppies there, which I thought was weird. But I had come for Lilly! So we filled out all of her paperwork and are picking her up tonight!

I can't express how excited I am!! Micah and I went all around town today buying Lilly stuff. We bought her a doghouse and looked like the BIGGEST idiots trying to fit it into my mustang in the Walmart parking lot. But we got all her little stuff (minus the puppy clothes, which Micah said no to in the store... but I'll just have to go back and buy them without him). I've been reading today on how to properly train them, and how to react to all the puppy-isms. I'm sure I'll be having a few sleepless nights the next few days, but I'll keep you posted. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Take it from me...

I know I'm only 23. But I think there a few things in this world that I can say for certain are true. One of the PostSecret secrets from this morning got me thinking about it.

1) There is a world outside of high school. When you're there, people tell you that. But you can't really comprehend it until you leave. And once you do, then you'll understand.

2) Season 7 of "Friends" is, by far and away, the best season. It was kind of downhill from there.
3) A true, forever and always kind of love DOES exist. I know because I found it. Or him, I should say.

4) Reading makes you smarter. It expands your vocabulary and improves your grammar. You should read.
5) It doesn't take much to make the world's best chocolate chip cookies. Just don't cook them as long.

6) What's wrong in your life right now won't seem like such a big deal in twenty years.7) You can't do anything you set your mind to. I never understood why parents tell their children that. I mean you want them to dream big, but you don't want them putting on a Superman cape and trying to jump off the roof.

8) Don't believe your parents when they tell you it won't last. You really might marry your high school sweetheart. :)

9) Organic bananas ARE better than regular bananas. Trust me on this one.

10) There IS a true and loving Savior who can change your life if you let him. I know this because He changed mine.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Can I just say...

... I LOVE Harry Potter.

I mean I REALLY REALLY do. I can't help myself. I have always loved the idea of magic, and from the first time I saw the first Harry Potter movie I was hooked! I think I've read each of the books at LEAST three times. The last one I KNOW I have read four times. I shouldn't admit this, but I've even had dreams where I had a wand and could do magic. And I ALWAYS said the right spells in my dream. :) I was SOOO excited to read the last book, but when it was over I felt such a sense of loss! Like I'd never get to read anything new about Harry and his life as an adult...

Micah thinks I'm dorky. But whatever. Harry Potter's cool. :)

AND, for any other Harry Potter lovers out there, you should really read the Inheritance Cycle. The first book in the series is "Eragon." (They made it into a pretty horrible movie). And it's kind of like a cross between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, which I think is a good thing. Three of the four books have been published, and I'm eagerly awaiting the last one.

AND the author started writing the books when he was fifteen!!!! Which amazes me. When I was fifteen, I was a boy-crazy cheerleader unable to comprehend that a world existed outside of high school. Imagine having the imagination to write such wonderful books!!! Anyway... I swear I'm not getting paid for endorsing Christopher Paolini's books. ;) I just think they're pretty great.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things I'm In Love With Right Now...

1) Sushi. Sushi. Sushi. I've just started eating it, and I can't get enough!

2) Shipley's Donuts. Especially if I go in there, and the donuts are fresh and hot! Mmm... I'm getting all drool-ish just thinking about them.

3) This WEATHER! Goodness, it's gorgeous here. It makes me REALLY hate that I have to spend the majority of my time in the basement of the law school.

4) This blog. The woman who writes it is adorable. And she's a woman after God's own heart. I read it almost every day, and she almost has me convinced to start running. Not QUITE, though.

5) My haircut. After it has grown out a little bit, I'm finding that it's so fun and sassy.

6) Butterfly Flower from Bath and Body Works. Have I already talked about how GOOD this stuff smells? It's amazing. PLUS... I love butterflies. So it's perfect.

7) My computer. I'm SOOO glad I broke down and bought a new one. It makes SUCH a difference when you have a functional computer. I feel like I'm saving SO much time.

8) My husband. And just saying the word, "husband." But you already knew that.

9) Reading my Patent Law textbook. Is that weird?

10) These jeans I bought from target for like $16 (SERIOUSLY!) that go PERFECT with my flats.

11) Cheesecake Factory ranch dressing. I bought a whole jar full the last time I went (last Friday) and it's gone. Yeah, I KNOW that's a lot of ranch. But it's that good.

12) Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor. I finished it last night and it was SUUUUCH a good book. It IS almost a thousand pages. But seriously... you won't even notice. It's a page-turner.
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