Sunday, March 8, 2009

Take it from me...

I know I'm only 23. But I think there a few things in this world that I can say for certain are true. One of the PostSecret secrets from this morning got me thinking about it.

1) There is a world outside of high school. When you're there, people tell you that. But you can't really comprehend it until you leave. And once you do, then you'll understand.

2) Season 7 of "Friends" is, by far and away, the best season. It was kind of downhill from there.
3) A true, forever and always kind of love DOES exist. I know because I found it. Or him, I should say.

4) Reading makes you smarter. It expands your vocabulary and improves your grammar. You should read.
5) It doesn't take much to make the world's best chocolate chip cookies. Just don't cook them as long.

6) What's wrong in your life right now won't seem like such a big deal in twenty years.7) You can't do anything you set your mind to. I never understood why parents tell their children that. I mean you want them to dream big, but you don't want them putting on a Superman cape and trying to jump off the roof.

8) Don't believe your parents when they tell you it won't last. You really might marry your high school sweetheart. :)

9) Organic bananas ARE better than regular bananas. Trust me on this one.

10) There IS a true and loving Savior who can change your life if you let him. I know this because He changed mine.

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