Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Reading... Bone Tree by Greg Iles. I just discovered that it's the second book in a three-book installment, which explains why I have no clue what's going on.

Watching... very little TV lately. I have zero enthusiasm for anything that's on right now (most especially The Bachelorette), and all I ever want to do is watch Friends re-runs. Anyone feel me?

Trying... to gather prints/pictures for the gallery wall I'm putting together in our home office. I seriously can't wait to show you guys when it's finished.

Cooking... healthy things again. Finally. I'm jumping into another Whole30 because I just need it, so I'm meal-planning all kinds of things this week.

Eating... Paleo chicken salad, buffalo chicken salad, chicken curry, turkey burgers, and Paleo chicken pot pie. I'm suddenly ravenous.

Drinking... unsweet tea. With a straw. Always with a straw.

Pinning... all kinds of things, per the usual. Today I attempted this hair tutorial. Mine obviously didn't turn out quite as perfect as hers, but I kept it in because I didn't feel like messing with it anymore.

 photo 804A432B-B389-46D1-85BA-9E2C2E5291F6.jpg

Going... to Minneapolis tomorrow for a deposition. I'll be back late on Thursday, so it'll be a short trip, and then I should be DONE traveling for awhile. Hallelujah.

Loving... this Smashbox Double Exposure Eyeshadow Palette. Flushed and Fig have been my go-to colors with this red hair.

Hating... the heat. Where are you, fall?

Discovering... that purchasing fragile things via the Internet isn't always the best course. I ordered a mirror for the office a week or two ago, and it arrived very rattle-y. Sure enough, the glass was in shards at the bottom of the box, and I'm having heck getting the company to respond to my emails.

Thinking... that we really need a vacation but probably won't get one until after my trial in October or November.

Feeling... like the gray hairs that have popped up on my crown seem to be here to stay. I'm not even thirty yet, you guys.

Hoping... for no more rain, at least for a week or two. My hometown experienced very serious flooding this past weekend, and while a Texas girl is always thankful for rain during the summer months, I feel like we've had our fill for awhile.

Smelling... this candle. It's the most perfect summer scent, and it's on major sale right now.

Thanking... the Lord for this little pretty. She makes my world go round.

 photo 5D79CD2B-35A0-47EE-BA90-DC26C4069A6B_1.jpg

Considering... going for it on this contour palette from Maskcara. I adore her and, though I wasn't obsessed with the formula of her first contour palette, this looks like it might be worth trying.

Finishing... this tea. Time for some more, yeah?

What are you up to, currently?

(Thanks for posting your Currentlies, Tricia! I took your hint and posted some of my own!)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

What I didn't expect...

From the very beginning, I knew you were going to be a wonderful dad. I could see it in the softness of your touch, your servant's heart, and the way you treated your mama.

I had every expectation that you'd do your fair share of the raising of our children and that I would feel like I had a partner in crime as we navigated new territory together.

I figured you'd help change the diapers and pitch in when I got overwhelmed. And that you'd be present for dance recitals and school plays and basketball games.

But I never expected this.

 photo ACCF8BFF-73CB-43F0-BCE8-2D119CEE86C7.jpg

I didn't expect ring around the rosie in the front yard in your work clothes. Or Daddy/Gracie dinner dates when I'm out of town. Or belly laughs at a volume that I can never seem to procure.

 photo 9AC18F1E-7A85-4705-A1B7-D221B64CFFD9.jpg

I didn't expect you to be so utterly devoted to a curly-haired two year-old who adores you more than life itself.

 photo 123DB05D-0878-4F24-9D70-C7F428A05A4F.jpg

You change diapers and sing songs and watch Frozen for the zillionth time and dispense snacks and give piggy-back rides and kiss boo-boos and tickle toes. You are truly one of the most dedicated and affectionate fathers I have ever seen.

 photo F7D24B25-E29B-451D-8833-362303D87C9A.jpg

Grace and I are the luckiest ducks to have you.

I hope you know that you are my dream come true.

Happy Father's Day, my love. You deserve a medal.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The last little while...

There are so many things to tell you about what we've been up to the last couple of weeks.

For instance, Gracie made it down the aisle in her first (and maybe last) stint as a flower girl. Barely.

 photo 1361ECD4-F31F-4B13-BF55-EEE2C78B82DB.jpg

She was such a doll in her little dress and flower crown, and she sat so still and good as I was curling her hair and putting on her shoes and dress. And she had a ball playing around on the stage and in the aisle when the church was empty. But then all the people began arriving, and she started to get scared. In fact, as everyone was lining up, I thought Micah was going to have to walk down the aisle with her. But we grabbed her little hand, stuck in my niece's (they were walking together), and pushed her out. Thankfully she didn't cry until she saw my dad in the front row. Ha.

 photo 9F1FD053-8FFD-452F-9359-05B36B858DD1.jpg

We didn't make it very long into the reception until she had had her fill of the DJ's loud voice ("Noise, Mommy! I go home now?"). But we survived, and she was adorable.

And then we woke up the next morning, dropped Grace off with my dad, and headed down to Galveston for another wedding, this time for one of my best friends.

 photo EC514A45-DB95-4E58-9852-CD3F58618833.jpg photo A4AA4FDC-6950-4335-A515-596BE0DC5DCB_1.jpg
(Don't mind the bathroom selfie and my ridiculous roots. I need a fresh color bad.)

It was so beautiful and so very Candice.

 photo 0312608A-4A46-4AA0-A328-B786EBAD8506_1.jpg

... including Christmas lights and a rooftop view of Galveston!

It was a quick trip, and I headed straight from Houston to Austin the next morning for a three-day trip that just about killed me. On top of the mental gymnastics involved in expert depositions, I just missed my loves. Thankfully, I made it to the airport in time to catch the last flight out of Austin on Wednesday. And now I'm home.


So what did I miss? What have you guys been up to?

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Stitch Fix Review: June 2015

Y'all, my Stitch Fix stylist killed it this month. After last month's misses, I went back and edited my style profile, added some new stuff to my Pinterest board, and left a detailed note for my stylist with some general pointers and preferences. And she totally listened. I kept everything!

Crescent Sage Dress ($74) 

 photo 49A6AD5D-3668-429D-9454-76F3C8117F17.jpg photo 21A9D69E-0B39-45E7-87E1-4601CA49C5D7.jpg

This dress is perfect for summer. The fit is flattering if you've got curves, the crochet detail is gorgeous, and the print is fun and trendy. It's a teensy bit short for my taste, but I feel like adding the jean jacket gave me the ability to go a bit shorter without feeling like I was showing everyone all my goodies. Totally kept it.

Papermoon Bankside Split Neck Tunic ($64) 

 photo 17450DC1-0B56-4339-B1AB-8B421BE15A90.jpg

This tunic is so me. Like, if I saw this in a store, I'd make a beeline to it. Fit = perfect. Style = perfect. White for summer = perfect. Kept it.

Daniel Rainn Hydie Floral Print Crochet Detail Blouse ($68)

 photo 44CCAD78-CCB1-4134-8DA5-1F7B7955C6EB.jpg photo CA8F75AB-5D5C-4E41-842B-64A008759649.jpg

This shirt is also so very perfect, and I totally kept it. I love the floral print, the crochet sleeves, and the flowy fit. It's long enough for skinny jeans, and it'll look great layered underneath my favorite lightweight cardigan for work.

Papermoon Upland Embroidered Tunic ($54)

 photo 3FB6B4B6-5F81-44B9-BC4D-00B65D89EB1C.jpg

I kept this one, too. You can see that it's a bit sheer, so I'll probably wear a nude cami underneath. But the length is great for skinny jeans, and the color is fabulous for summer. I'm also majorly obsessed with the high neckline, which you can't really see in this awkward mirror selfie, but trust me. It's great.

Bancroft Alize Hammered Oval Bracelet Set ($28)

 photo 73EA7D83-8C8D-41A1-A377-20271BDC9D5B.jpg

These little bracelets are so dainty and classic! And I love that I got both silver and gold versions. Kept these, as well.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? It's seriously my favorite indulgence each month. The surprise of the box is a blast, and I'm honestly just way too busy to spend my time searching for fashionable clothing. I like being able to keep my wardrobe updated and current without having to step foot in a dressing room. Plus, I have so much fun playing dress up with this little photo bomber.

 photo EC97D85A-4649-46AC-8DF4-957393C28426.jpg

** All links in this post to StitchFix are referral links, but I love this company and do these posts because they're fun. Over and out.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monumental things...

Before I forget, I want to say thank you so, so, so much for your encouraging and supportive comments on last week's post. To be completely honest, I wasn't expecting such an overwhelmingly positive response given the divisive nature of the topic. But you guys lifted me up, as always. And, judging by the insane number of hits that post has gotten over the last week, you guys must have been sharing it, as well. Just know that I'm always thankful for this space and your unyielding support. Always.

Hi friends! I'm quickly typing out this post at nearly midnight on Sunday evening. I just finished up a work project and have a 7 a.m. flight to Austin in the morning. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a ridiculously busy ten days that I'm hoping will fly by. I've got three work trips, two weddings (one of which will involve a certain two-year old in a flower girl dress), and a rehearsal dinner to conquer, and I'm tired just thinking about trying to fit it all in.

But before I disappeared (because you know something's got to give), I just wanted to drop in and share a couple of things that we've been up to. The first is sort of monumental, given that Micah's been waiting for this moment basically since we started dating nearly 13 years ago.

 photo E69D74B9-E50A-436E-B6EF-EFE04604F651.jpg

The boy got himself a boat!

It's a bay boat, and he'll be able to use it in freshwater and saltwater for fishing. It'll also double as a playpen for Grace when necessary. Ha. She definitely likes playing "in [her] boat."

This purchase marks a dream come true for Micah, and I'm over the moon happy for him.

Also fairly monumental, we finally got around to getting built-in bookshelves installed in our home office, and we even managed to get paint up on the walls. Given that we've lived in this house over four years, I'd say it's about time. I'm still working my tail off decorating the space, but I'm making progress, and I've got a plan. Which is definitely significant. You may have already seen a sneak peek on Instagram, but here's another one.

 photo 164A6DFC-DD37-4065-9BCE-1C40A3DEE6CF.jpg

(I spent several hours covering books with craft paper this weekend. Nothing will take you back to the days of high school like putting book covers on textbooks while watching Friends re-runs.)

I'm going for an understated nautical theme, and when you see the wall paint color, you'll understand why.

Last, but not least, figured I'd share this lazy girl hairstyle with you guys.

 photo 3EAA369C-6E54-464D-9032-6C9884A880B8.jpg photo 5075D128-B570-4E97-8BAD-7A0508F7875F.jpg

It looks complicated, but if you can french braid your hair, you can do this, I promise. I just sectioned off about 2-3 inches in the middle, french braided it back, and then threw it up in a high pony. This style is perfect for straight or curly hair that's too dirty to wear down, but not dirty enough to justify getting up early to wash and blow-dry it. Ha.

That's all I got.
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