Sunday, March 13, 2016

On loving God and also pretty clothes {A Simply Bliss Boutique Review}

You know what's hard for me, friends? Like really hard? Balancing my desire to honor God with my thoughts and words and actions and my complete and total obsession with fashion and makeup and curling irons. 

Honestly, the line is razor-thin, and I fall mostly on the vein and materialistic side. But I think the struggle is made easier when companies like Simply Bliss Boutique recognize and honor the notion that our worth comes not from the world's validation of our beauty but from God's utter adoration for our hearts and our souls.

So when they reached out to collaborate, it was really a no-brainer because I'm such a huge fan of small companies who strive to honor God in an authentic way. And I also just really love their clothes. They've even got a curvy section with clothes that have a curvy fit or come in plus sizes. Which is so nice. 

They sent me two tops to try. This Trapeze Dress in Emerald is TO. DIE. FOR.

 photo CF0E4C33-EA91-4A91-81F8-EB89DF98EE9F.jpg

When I pulled it out of the bag, I knew it was going to become a staple. The vibrant color, comfy fit, flattering hemline, and fun buttons combine in a really great way. I can both sleep in this top and also wear it to the office. Win.

They also sent the curvy-fit Choco Tassel Mint Top, and it's so comfy and fun.

 photo 13F8A346-1B2B-436E-A88A-7B6771431B92.jpg

I paired it with my chocolate brown faux-leather leggings from Hue and some simple peep-toe flats, and I think this look works so well for spring.

Because they're amazing, Simply Bliss Boutique is offering two different promo codes for you guys. Use code LOVED for 15% off the Trapeze Dress in Emerald, and use code LOVELY for 15% ANYTHING in the Curvy section. Plus, they offer free shipping with orders over $50! I'll just be over here eyeing this tunic and this tank... :)

I received the above products in exchange for an honest review. As always, though, all opinions contained herein are my own.


Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

First of all, you look gorgeous and that dress suits you! Secondly, I tend to struggle with the same--but then I came to the realization that this is our body, our canvas, and to take good care of it and dress it well and paint it is simply showing our appreciation for it. You can look at it as if you'e trying to change what God has given us, or you can look at it like we're celebrating it.

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I love it...

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