Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weird... people are seriously weird

Micah and I went to H-E-B on Sunday (a grocery store down here) to get some groceries. We are almost done, just grabbing our veggies, when this young couple stops Micah. I hear the guy say, "Is that a cross on your ring?" So the guy and Micah proceed to talk about the ring (which I bought, thankyouverymuch), and the woman starts talking to me. At first I thought, oh these people are just being friendly... saying hi to fellow shoppers, and I figured they'd move on. But they just kept talking and talking! She started asking me what I do, I told her I go to school, she asked where. They asked where we went to church. It was all very strange, and I started to think that Micah and I were getting hit on by creepy swinger people. So then the guy gives Micah his card. I'm so weirded out by this, because, in general, you don't become friends with people you meet at the grocery store one time, you know? Strange...

So then, Micah tells me last night that the guy called him, and we're meeting up with them on Wednesday night at Panera Bread (do we have those in Dallas? It's like Einstein Bros. Bagels) for about ten minutes or so. I'm disturbed: (1) Why are we meeting up with these weirdos? (2) What in the WORLD can they want to meet with us about for ten minutes? It's not like they wanted to meet up for coffee or something. I'm CONVINCED they are swingers.

So Micah calls them back, because I'm adamant that I'm not meeting up with weirdos... at least unless I know what they want. Apparently, this guy operates some business and they are looking to expand and wanted to know if we'd be interested. He SAYS he works with companies like Microsoft and Dell, but he wouldn't tell Micah what he did. Micah FINALLY wisened up, and told the guy thanks but no thanks.

Is it POSSIBLE that I'm marrying someone even more naive than me? I guess what's even funnier is that I thought Micah and I were hot enough to get picked up by swingers. :) Haha...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Isn't it funny...

I had a crap weekend... spent the majority of my time in the law review office, finishing up my citecheck stuff. And I was REALLY not happy about it. I didn't get the house cleaned, and I didn't get my thank-you cards sent out in the mail like I wanted to (for the wonderful lingerie my law school friends got me!!). I just... I kind of feel like there was so much pressure for me to do law review simply because I COULD... despite the fact that I had no desire to do it. But anyway... I'm through complaining.

My point is that today I went with the other judicial interns and took a tour of the federal detention center. It was really interesting, and I learned a lot. So many things continue to keep me from cramming the idea of practicing criminal law far far away. It's just intriguing and interesting. Anyway, we actually walked into the "barracks," where they keep some of the prisoners. And they were all just hanging around, watching t.v. or trying to put some sort of electronic gadget together, though I couldn't tell what it was. We saw the cells they live in. And then I really decided to try to remember to keep my life in perspective. I am in NO way saying that these criminals don't deserve what they get or that more of our tax dollars should go to fund a more lavish lifestyle for them, but I just realized that I get to live in a brand new house with the man I love. I get to continue to get my education and have the luxury of not having to work right now (even though I'll surely hate myself when I have to repay those student loans!). It was just a little gut-check... like "SERIOUSLY Ryan.... poor pitiful you. You spent a few hours in a nice comfy office, got to go get fast food for dinner, and got to go home to your fiance when you were finished. Poor pitiful you."

One funny thing is that I kept setting off the metal detector! The officers couldn't figure out what it was... I had to take off my shoes, and they scanned all around me... my bra and everything! I must have some metal plate in my head I don't know about!

Alright... back to it. :) Miss you all. Just two more years and I'll be home (except for you, Kristen... I'll be leaving you and won't know what to do with myself!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm feeling very disconnected from everyone lately... I have been so busy, and life has been so hectic, that I really haven't been keeping up with you all like I should. So I created this blog and I'll be good about posting... so you can at least know what's going on in my world... although I'm sure you'll find it isn't exciting or glamorous. :)

The past three weeks I have been working on really awful, monotonous stuff for law review. For my non-law friends, law review is this journal published by the law school, and if you have certain grades or if you write on you are eligible to be a member of the law review, and you help publish each edition of the journal. It's apparently this high honor, which everyone should take advantage of if they can, because it looks good on resumes to law firms. But seriously... it's the most non-fun thing ever. And it is eating away my summer. But, alas, I committed, so I will do my very best to turn in good work. You know how I am about following through on things. My BIGGEST pet peeve is people committing to something or saying they will do something and then flaking out. I just can't handle it.

So there's that. Then I'm also working at the courthouse, interning with a federal judge at the trial level. I have enjoyed this immensely, though it is certainly different than I expected. My judge, Judge Werlein, might be one of the nicest men I have ever met. I TRULY enjoy working with him, and he has an amazing legal mind... it is an incredible opportunity to work in his chambers.

But, being the neutral factfinder, being the person to decide the fate of the parties involved, is not as appealing as I had thought it would be. I really thought I would LOVE to search for justice, and find the truth, and to come to the right answer. But that's REALLY HARD to do!!! I have more respect for these judges, who do this every day, than I could have ever thought possible. I have decided that I'd rather advocate for a client ANY day than sift through the facts to determine who is telling the truth. It is so much easier. :)

Lastly, but not leastly, I have been trying to get wedding stuff done. I really need to get most of it done before fall, because once this next semester starts, I'm not going to have time to breathe... let alone plan a wedding.

So I got the invitations ordered, bubbles ordered (for when we leave the church), favors ordered, thank-you cards ordered, and wedding songs picked out (almost!). I have my dress, bridesmaid dresses picked out, and we're doing the tuxes this next week. I've got the cake done, and the photographer squared away. So really, I'm left with flowers, which I'm doing in August when I come home.

Whew! There is so much to think about! But it will all get done... eventually.
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