Monday, July 28, 2008

Isn't it funny...

I had a crap weekend... spent the majority of my time in the law review office, finishing up my citecheck stuff. And I was REALLY not happy about it. I didn't get the house cleaned, and I didn't get my thank-you cards sent out in the mail like I wanted to (for the wonderful lingerie my law school friends got me!!). I just... I kind of feel like there was so much pressure for me to do law review simply because I COULD... despite the fact that I had no desire to do it. But anyway... I'm through complaining.

My point is that today I went with the other judicial interns and took a tour of the federal detention center. It was really interesting, and I learned a lot. So many things continue to keep me from cramming the idea of practicing criminal law far far away. It's just intriguing and interesting. Anyway, we actually walked into the "barracks," where they keep some of the prisoners. And they were all just hanging around, watching t.v. or trying to put some sort of electronic gadget together, though I couldn't tell what it was. We saw the cells they live in. And then I really decided to try to remember to keep my life in perspective. I am in NO way saying that these criminals don't deserve what they get or that more of our tax dollars should go to fund a more lavish lifestyle for them, but I just realized that I get to live in a brand new house with the man I love. I get to continue to get my education and have the luxury of not having to work right now (even though I'll surely hate myself when I have to repay those student loans!). It was just a little gut-check... like "SERIOUSLY Ryan.... poor pitiful you. You spent a few hours in a nice comfy office, got to go get fast food for dinner, and got to go home to your fiance when you were finished. Poor pitiful you."

One funny thing is that I kept setting off the metal detector! The officers couldn't figure out what it was... I had to take off my shoes, and they scanned all around me... my bra and everything! I must have some metal plate in my head I don't know about!

Alright... back to it. :) Miss you all. Just two more years and I'll be home (except for you, Kristen... I'll be leaving you and won't know what to do with myself!)

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