Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weird... people are seriously weird

Micah and I went to H-E-B on Sunday (a grocery store down here) to get some groceries. We are almost done, just grabbing our veggies, when this young couple stops Micah. I hear the guy say, "Is that a cross on your ring?" So the guy and Micah proceed to talk about the ring (which I bought, thankyouverymuch), and the woman starts talking to me. At first I thought, oh these people are just being friendly... saying hi to fellow shoppers, and I figured they'd move on. But they just kept talking and talking! She started asking me what I do, I told her I go to school, she asked where. They asked where we went to church. It was all very strange, and I started to think that Micah and I were getting hit on by creepy swinger people. So then the guy gives Micah his card. I'm so weirded out by this, because, in general, you don't become friends with people you meet at the grocery store one time, you know? Strange...

So then, Micah tells me last night that the guy called him, and we're meeting up with them on Wednesday night at Panera Bread (do we have those in Dallas? It's like Einstein Bros. Bagels) for about ten minutes or so. I'm disturbed: (1) Why are we meeting up with these weirdos? (2) What in the WORLD can they want to meet with us about for ten minutes? It's not like they wanted to meet up for coffee or something. I'm CONVINCED they are swingers.

So Micah calls them back, because I'm adamant that I'm not meeting up with weirdos... at least unless I know what they want. Apparently, this guy operates some business and they are looking to expand and wanted to know if we'd be interested. He SAYS he works with companies like Microsoft and Dell, but he wouldn't tell Micah what he did. Micah FINALLY wisened up, and told the guy thanks but no thanks.

Is it POSSIBLE that I'm marrying someone even more naive than me? I guess what's even funnier is that I thought Micah and I were hot enough to get picked up by swingers. :) Haha...

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Anonymous said...

You are so cute- I bet those people are into some kind of multi-level marketing. We have been approached numerous times and yes Uncle Clay has even signed up a time or two.
We miss you both!
I enjoyed reading-- I can just see you talking and getting all excited, I really do miss you.
Aunt Brig

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