Monday, August 4, 2008


Apparently it's going to rain a lot tomorrow. Yay! When Micah and I moved down to Houston last August I got stranded in the middle of a tropical storm, and poor Micah had to come get me and lead me out of the water. So I'm thinking of not going in to the courthouse tomorrow. We'll see.

This weekend was fun. Micah and I saw "The Dark Knight" and LOVED it! SOOO good. Heath Ledger was so convincing it was creepy. Then Micah's best friend from high school came into town, so we met up with him and his girlfriend, and we cooked on Saturday night. I made crab for the first time ever! :) I have to say, I do love crabmeat, but it's SUCH a pain to get to. It makes eating dinner like this impossible task, and I ended up getting all messy like a little kid. But yummy nonetheless.

Micah and I are trying to figure out where to stay the night of the wedding. I've been looking at Hotel ZaZa... they have these "concept" suites, and they look super cool, so I'm thinking we'll end up there. I keep copying all of Faith's wedding ideas (she and Bubba stayed there, too), and I feel bad about it. But I suppose imitation is the highest compliment, right? Apparently I loved her wedding or I wouldn't be doing mine just like it. :)

We're picking out tuxes tonight. It's the ONE thing Micah has seemed interested in, so I'm hoping we can find something he really loves. Since my dress is ivory, it kind of complicates things because I don't know if I should try and make his "white" stuff ivory or not. Anyway, that will be a task I'm sure. He's so adorable and picky. And he does NOT make decisions well. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to be the tie-breaker. :)

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