Saturday, August 16, 2008

Glorious time off...

So I finished at the courthouse last Friday and headed to Dallas for the weekend. I got to see my family, which was SOOO nice. :) I really do enjoy this time in Houston, but it's so hard to only see my family every few months. But I suppose it does give me more time to focus on school. Anyway, so I also made some changes to the wedding plans. I've decided to do a reception at the Grand Heritage Clubhouse in Lavon instead of at the church. I was just sick of trying to figure out how to make the fellowship hall in the church pretty, and it was cheap enough to rent the clubhouse, so I bit the bullet and decided to do it!

In other RIVETING news (not!), Micah and I got a new TV! I was still using an old TV my grandparents had given my Mom years ago, so Micah and I decided to get something new. But apparently we don't have HD satellite, so we gotta get that. AND we gotta get the special cables to hook up the DVD player, too. It ended up being a more expensive project than we planned. Oh well.

Since we got back into town on Tuesday, I had more law firm receptions at night, but we just got to chill out and spend time together, which has been SOO nice. But reality keeps nudging at me.... I've got a final project due for my judicial internship course for this summer, I've got to finish the slideshow for the wedding, and I've got law review crap to redo. BUT, my birthday IS next Friday, and Micah's and my six year anniversary is this coming Tuesday! So that's something to look forward to!

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