Monday, November 9, 2015



I'm long overdue for a post. Believe me, I know.

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But you know what it's like when you just feel like you have nothing to say? Like you've shared the most mundane details of your life for so long and so people must know all there is to know about you? I have felt myself withdrawing from this blog and other social media for a little while now, and I really have no good reason for it. It's not like I suddenly discovered an overwhelming sense of privacy. And there's nothing scary/hard/embarrassing going on in our lives. 

It's just that I don't feel very relevant right now. It's like I turned 30 and automatically became too old to be cool. (I'm obviously joking except not really.) I know I'll snap out of it. This space and community has meant too much to me for too long to disappear entirely. But I may be a little quieter than usual. 

Until Stella gets her groove back, here are some things you should know:

-- I finished my Whole30. I think I mentioned that I was doing a "lazy" Whole30, which meant that I disregarded rules I didn't feel like following. Gum being the main thing. I had also been taking Plexus Slim for about three months before I started (I swear I'll never, ever try to sell you anything -- pinky promise!), which has some stevia or something in it, and I didn't quit that. And I know I ate salad dressings/meats/sauces that had hidden no-nos in them, but I very rarely deliberately cheated. I just operated under the working rule that if it looked fine and wasn't obviously non-Paleo, I'd allow it. I dropped about 12 pounds, which was necessary.

-- I am FREAKING OUT about the fact that Lauren and I are headed to New York in ten days. In the best way.

-- I was in Charleston for work this past weekend and have decided that I want to move there. As long as everyone I know moves there, too. Who's with me?

-- I'm utterly smitten with this sweetheart.

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She's been extra funny and sweet lately. I just want to bottle it all up and save it for the days when I want to pull my hair out. :)

So anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here in my little corner of northeast Texas doing my thing -- loving life and my family and Paleo cookies. 


Kristin said...

This is how I feel. At 29 point 9 years old, I'm just irrelevant. Which isn't true per se...But feels true when I look at the face of blogging these days.

You know everyone (who matters :) will be here when you DO blog. Have a fabulous time in New York!

The Links said...

Hahahaha I'm laughing at your Plexus Slim comment. It intrigues me, but I just refuse to try it because it's like if you try it you ultimately become and annoying sales person on FB and I refuse to do that to my friends. I'm proud of you for not being annoying and selling it through your blog!! I have hidden all Plexus sales people on my new feed because it annoys me so much. And I have officially decided that I am doing a Whole30 on January 2nd. Why January 2nd. Because I KNOW I don't have the will power to follow the rules over the holiday and also because I don't want to be cliche and start something on January 1st. Ha! Anyways. Scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. Do you plan on doing another one anytime soon. Join me if you want! It would be good to have the accountability.

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