Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm so tired...

Seriously. I'm exhausted. Everything is just combining into this continual source of exhaustion. This weekend I am supposed to finish an outline for appellate advocacy, finish my citecheck for law review, refine my arguments for moot court, and read for class. AND get ready for some big callback interviews next week. I'm only halfway done with my appellate advocacy argument and it's already Saturday night. You do the math.

BUT, on a happier note, I got through my first callback interview on Friday. It was actually a great interview and I really liked all (well MOST anyway) of the people I met. So cross your fingers.
After the interview, I decided I needed some consumer therapy, so I headed to the mall and dropped some serious cash at New York and Company and Victoria's Secret (of course). I told myself it was necessary for my (mental) health. :)

I'm worrying a little about Fluffy's eyesight. I caught her today sitting RIGHT in front of the wall, just staring at it. I always laugh because it's just the funniest sight. Like she put herself in time out or something. But then I think that if she could SEE the wall, she probably wouldn't be staring at it. Anyway...

A friend (shout out, Andrea) asked me the other day how I have time to write about my life with everything I had going on. I just thought about how nice it is to just sit and write whatever comes to my head. I'm sure it's completely boring, but I love to just shut my mind down and vent. It's like I'm dumping my excess thoughts out or something. Like a pensieve (if you don't read Harry Potter then you totally won't get that). Anyway. It's therapeutic.

One last thing. I feel like a horrible citizen. I didn't watch the debate last night. It's funny because EVERY time Micah and I go to target we end up in the checkout line with this same guy. I'm sure he gets so bored just sacking groceries so he always makes conversation, and it's almost always political. During the primaries, he asked if we were going to be watching some debate or other, and we said no. Then yesterday, he asked us our plans for the evening and asked if we'd be watching the debate. We said probably not, and then he proceeded to tell us why he thought John McCain was a better speaker but it didn't matter because he would be voting Independent Party and he thought this year the Independent Party would probably pull in 20-30% of the vote. I got to wondering how many 20-somethings shape their political ideals to match their parents'. I know that my parents beliefs, at least in part, affected mine. Now that I'm older, I justify my beliefs based on my views of the world and can honestly say that I'm politically conservative because I'm conservative in all areas of my life, not just because my parents were. But undoubtedly, my parents shaped my views of the world. It's just something interesting to me. If I had grown up in a vacuum would I be as repulsed by Obama's views on partial-birth abortion as I am today? I probably would. Anyway... that's about as much political ideology as I can muster right now. My brain isn't quite up to par.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday night and Sunday. I know I won't. :)

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