Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm a jerk...

So I come home last night fifteen minutes after Grey's Anatomy had started, so I threw my purse on the counter, shoved my school stuff in the office, and plopped on the couch next to Micah so he could fill me in on what I missed. He kind of gave me a weird look, but I was pretty into the show, so I didn't really pay much attention.

Fifteen minutes later, during a commercial break, I look over at the kitchen table and noticed that it was a lot less cluttered than it was that morning, and I saw conversation hearts spread all over the table. In the middle was an adorable pink gift bag (it even had the cute curly string tied on the top) and a card. Inside the bag were MORE conversation hearts, my favorite Dove chocolate, and a bright yellow iPod nano. But the card was the best part because it was my very first "For My Wife" Valentine's Day card, and he picked out the sweetest one AND wrote a very perfect message in it.

So I kind of feel like a jerk for being stupid about dinner. Because I have the sweetest husband ever. :)


On a COMPLETELY different note...
I was thinking about what a weird little kid I was growing up. My mom was amazing, because she ALWAYS encouraged me to be who I was and never ever hindered my dreams or made me think I couldn't do something. Which I am SO grateful for now. But, thinking back, I wish my Mom would have saved me from myself sometimes. :) Like when I sang in the talent show when I was horrible?? Or when I wore that atrocious headdress we bought at Scarborough Fair to school? I also had HORRIBLE taste in clothing, which my brother never ever failed to remind me of.

And I think it's interesting, because some of the people I went to school with were MEAN to me! And as I grew up and have occassionally run into some of them or found them on facebook or whatever, I see that they are some of the sweetest people in the world! I think kids just don't realize how hurtful they can be sometimes. They just do what they have to do to fit in, even if that means hurting others. I started to wonder if I had ever been hateful to others when I was growing up. I'm sure I was, and I hope I didn't leave any lasting damage. How do you teach kids to accept everyone while also enabling them to fit in enough to not feel like an outcast? It's tough, I'm sure. Anyway... I was just thinking about that. :)

Alright, I'm going to get dressed for dinner tonight. We're going to go to Papadeaux tonight. :) Yum.

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