Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ryan Moments

In my family, there's a phrase that we use when someone does or says something really idiotic.
It's called having a "Ryan moment."

It's all in good fun. I recognize that when you are a brunette and have as many blonde moments as I do, it makes sense to coin a phrase reserved specifically for those moments. My brother reminded me of one of the more infamous of the "Ryan moments" the other day, and I thought it was too good not to share. :)

A year or two ago, my teeny tiny hometown saw some rare excitement when someone committed a crime in the middle of the night. At a family gathering, someone (I can't remember who) was relaying the events to me. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: So what happened?

Family Member: Apparently, some teenagers stole a lawn mower in the middle of the night and then got in a wreck as they attempted to drive away. I think one of them died, actually.*

Me: How did they wreck a riding lawnmower? They don't even go very fast.

Needless to say, the entire family just died laughing at my interpretation of the events. Clearly, the teenagers had stolen a push mower and loaded it into a vehicle, and then they wrecked driving the vehicle away. I guess it was just more fun for me to envision these kids trying to make a "quick" getaway after stealing a riding lawnmower. :)

So, if YOU can think of a really funny "Ryan moment," post it in a comment below. :)

* I honestly hope no one who reads knows the person who died in the wreck. Clearly, it's very sad.


Anonymous said...

Ok now I am not a good typist or storyteller but... how about the feeding of the dogs. Your dad said to seperate their food, he meant across the room and you divided one bowl in half and tried to keep the dogs apart.

#2 Heather told you the woman had her baby in the waiting room and you said" she had her baby!!! Thinking delivered and Heather just meant she had it with her.

ingdoluyhow about the feed teh speratingw

Ryan said...

Hahaha.... oh my goodness, Aunt Brigitte, I totally forgot about the dog food! That was so funny. I just couldn't understand why Dad thought separating the food in one bowl would help!!! :)

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