Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Fruit Tip...

Have you ever eaten one of these??

Nope. It's not a cantaloupe. It's called an Israeli Melon.


I'd never heard of them until I started dating Micah. But Micah's dad grows them in his garden and asked me to try one. So I did, and I was BLOWN away.

I've always been a fan of cantaloupe, but Israeli Melon blows cantaloupe out of the water. It makes cantaloupe taste like dried out, bitter mush (yes it's THAT good.)

It's got the same kind of consistency as a cantaloupe, but the flesh is cream-colored, and it tastes almost like pure sugar. I'm sure the fact that they're home-grown doesn't hurt, but they're so juicy, you can't eat one without getting juice all over your face, hands, and hair (well, maybe only if your hair is as long as mine. When your hair is this long, EVERYTHING gets in it).

When we went home for Labor Day weekend, Micah's dad sent us home with a box full (to my absolute delight), so we've been eating it all week, and it makes me SO happy. So I thought I'd just pass the happiness along. I'm not even sure where you can buy them, but if you EVER see Israeli melon for sale at the grocery store or at a fruit stand, stop and buy some. SO worth the money. :)

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