Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bar Trip...

The "bar trip" is a rite of passage for law students.  No, it's not an expensive drinking binge (although that's certainly not uncommon among law students).  It's a vacation that a law student (or rather, law graduate) takes after they finish the bar exam.  The bar exam is a grueling, three-day exam, usually taken a few months after graduation, that must be passed in order to practice law in a particular state.  

I take the bar exam at the end of July, and I was adamant that Micah and I take an awesome trip afterward.  We're actually going to South Padre with my family in early July, but I can never get enough of the beach.  So I spent a lot of time researching beaches and hotels.  And I settled on...

MEXICO! :)  

We went to the Cancun area for our honeymoon, and it was absolutely amazing.  The beaches were gorgeous, and it was relatively inexpensive.  And I thought that, even though it would nice to go and see someplace new, I really just want to plop myself on the sand somewhere and sit for a week.  It doesn't really matter where.  

So after weeks of searching through every travel website in existence, we decided to go to The El Dorado Casitas Royale in the Riviera Maya.  

The place looks GORGEOUS, and every website gave it excellent reviews.  It's a five-star resort, and it's super secluded and relaxed, which is exactly what I want.  We're staying in an individual villa-type thing, and it's decked out with an in-room jacuzzi and an outdoor shower! (Don't worry, the walls of the shower are enclosed.  It's not that kind of place.)  
One of the billion things I love about this hotel are these beach beds.  Our honeymoon hotel had them all over, and they were so wonderful and relaxing.

So anyway... that's the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  I graduate on May 16 and begin a bar review course the very next day.  But come July 29, I am free baby! And we're headed to Mexico on August 7.  Can't wait!

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