Monday, April 5, 2010


I went home for Easter this past weekend, and I had such a wonderful time!! So I thought I'd share some pictures (which I took with my new camera, of course) and tell you about all the things I did!

I got on the road at about 10:30 on Friday morning.  The drive was actually pretty enjoyable - I jammed out the entire time and enjoyed all the wildflowers and bluebonnets lining 45.  My first stop was at my mom's house.  We spent a lovely afternoon visiting, and my brother and Faith joined us for some delicious lasagna.  Here's a picture of my mom's adorable schnauzer, Gus.  Such a little sentinel.  :)

Then, my brother, Faith, and I went to a late-night movie (which is so unlike me... I'm such an old lady).  We saw "Clash of the Titans," which was pretty alright, though some parts were definitely cheesy.  I stayed with them on Friday night, and I just have to say how much I love their house!  It feels like home to me, and they haven't even been there a year!

Then on Saturday, I helped throw a baby shower for Lauren.  Everything really came together well, and it was so fun to visit with everyone.  Here are some pictures from the shower.

(This is my friend Jennifer, holding my friend Amber's baby Tanner.  Isn't he SO kissable?)
(I just couldn't get enough... he is SO precious!)
(Look at the cute little hats!!)
(We played the game where everyone tried to guess how big Lauren's belly was.  So fun...)
(That's Amber's sister, Hope, holding Mr. Tanner.  Isn't she pretty? :))

So the shower went wonderfully.  After we cleaned up, I headed over to see my Dad and Lori, and I finally got to meet their new poodle puppy, Penny.  

Let me warn you before you scroll down.  This puppy is RIDICULOUSLY cute.  And tiny.  You might not be able to handle the cuteness, so prepare yourself.
(It's really cute to see my Dad and stepmom love all over this little baby.  I'm pretty sure my Dad is going to get some funny looks when he's driving around town, wearing his Harley Davidson motorcycle gear and carting this tiny puppy around in her little carrier.)

I had a great, great time with my Dad and Lori on Saturday.  We just vegged out and watched "Sweet Home Alabama," which neither of them had seen!  I know - I was shocked, too. 

On Sunday, we went over to my Mamaw's house for lunch.  My Mamaw seems to be doing a little better with treatment, and she was having a great day on Sunday.  

But my favorite part of the afternoon??

This guy.

This is my cousin Heather's little boy, Carson.  Isn't he just irresistible? This is his "sexy face."  I'm pretty sure my brother taught him that.  Typical.

(This is Carson with his mommy.  Look at his little smile! And the dimples!!!  It's almost more than I can stand.)

(Precious, I know.)

(I just loved this of Carson and Heather.  So sweet.)

There actually were other people there on Sunday, I promise.  I just couldn't take my eyes (or my camera) off this sweet little man.

I hope you guys enjoyed your Easter weekend as much as I did.  It was a great reminder of how lucky I am that Jesus loved me enough to hang on that cross for me.  Without that, moments like these are meaningless.

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