Friday, July 30, 2010


I told you about my "Ryan" moments here. My brother calls me "the dumbest smart person" he knows, and the other day my friend Amanda said something similar, though in a much nicer way. I'm not sure why I'm so dingy sometimes, but there's no stopping it, really. I just accept it and try to share the funny things with you so that you can at least have a laugh at my expense. :)

But this post isn't about me.

It's about my husband, who always thinks things through before he says them ,but occasionally has his own ditzy moments (maybe I'm rubbing off on him?).

The other day, we were driving home from dinner, talking about our backyard. For some reason, we've got ENORMOUS mushrooms growing back there. Like a lot of them. So, anyway, as we're driving, Micah suddenly says, "we've got to do something about those shroons."

I let it go, because occasionally Micah just does that. He'll say something in a weird way, or with a weird accent. The other day he randomly blurted out "sheet pile" in a Hispanic accent, and I was REALLY confused for a minute (say it out loud in such an accent, and you'll understand why) until I saw the metal on the side of the road - apparently they're some engineering thing I'd never heard of. Though I still can't really explain the accent.

So, like I said, I let it go. But then he said it again later on in the day. I think he was making some joke about how we needed to smoke the "shroons" and get crazy (but I'm pretty sure you eat them, don't you?).

"Are you saying shroons? Like with an 'n'?" I finally asked.

"Yeah. Shroons. That's what they're called," he replied, a little indignantly.

I giggled. A lot.

"No, baby," I said. "Shrooms. As in mush-SHROOMS."

Apparently he never put two and two together. Don't worry. He's got it figured out now.


Apparently my husband would like to offer a rebuttal. He doesn't remember saying anything about smoking the mushrooms. Apparently, only an idiot would say something like that.

In the interest of a peaceful household, I'm going to refrain from making a surrebuttal. But, when you're making this tough decision in deciding who to believe, I simply implore you to remember which one of us thought they were called "shroons." This wife rests her case.

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Ally said...

I love this. :)

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