Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a week!

Wow... this week has been very un-fun.  Just go ahead and skip this post if you aren't interested in hearing me whine like a four-year-old for a minute or two.

First, on Tuesday I woke up to a very unhappy puppy.  We're still not sure what happened, but apparently Lilly got into/bitten by something she was allergic to, because her entire face and body were swollen up.  I'd post pictures, but it really wasn't pretty.  

Clearly, I couldn't go to my bar review class that day, which meant I would be even more behind in my studying than I already was.  

Then, as I tried to search on my PC for our vet's number, I realized that our internet wasn't working.  Like, at all.  I spent about an hour on the phone with the AT&T customer service representative, only to have him tell me that I probably just needed a new power cord for my modem.  

So I ran up to Best Buy and bought the cord the salesman suggested.  Then I ran over to Walmart and grabbed some Benadryll for Lilly.

The power cord turned the modem on, but I still wasn't getting any signal.  The Benadryll helped a lot with the swelling, but after three doses she was still itching and was clearly still very uncomfortable.  I was 0 for 2. 

So I made an appointment with AT&T for Thursday (today) and braced myself to live without internet for two days.  I realized a few hours later that no internet also meant no watching Lost on our Wii.  Ugh.

Yesterday was actually pretty great because I went to see Eclipse in IMAX!  For any other Twilight fans out there, it was GREAT!  Definitely the best movie so far.  Also, Micah took Lilly into the vet because she clearly wasn't feeling much better.  The vet gave her a steroid shot and gave us some pills.  The shot made an immediate difference, and she was doing wonderfully by yesterday afternoon when I got home from the movies. 

Today I missed my bar review course on Texas procedure because my iPhone died in the middle of the night and my alarm didn't go off.  The good news was that I got to sleep in until 9:00.  The bad news was that I didn't take Texas procedure in law school, so I really, really needed to sit through that lecture, plus I'd already missed Tuesday's lecture.  I did get up and start studying, though, so I don't feel too horribly about missing class.  Then, the AT&T guy came and fixed our internet - apparently the new power cord I bought wasn't putting out enough current, so he replaced it (for free!), and now I'm back up and running. :)

The worst part about this week was that today I realized that it was July 1st.  The worst month of my life has officially begun.  I take the bar exam on July 27, and I'm not even close to ready.  But I made myself a study schedule this afternoon, and I feel like it's doable, though the next few weeks are going to be totally miserable.

So if I'm a little slow in posting this month, forgive me.  It'll all be worth it when I can officially call myself a lawyer. :)


Sarah McMullin said...

You can do it, woman. I can't wait to see that post in a few months with "I PASSED!!!!" in giant letters.

Ryan said...

Thanks, Sarah! I'm just plugging along and kicking myself for not getting it into gear before now. Oh well... I guess it's better to have four weeks of absolute misery than two and a half months, right? ;)

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