Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bachelor: Week 4

I recognize that no one actually asked for a week-by-week rundown of the show, but hey - that's just the kind of girl I am. I give. :) [If you don't watch the show, please forgive me for this schpeal. I realize that I sound like a soap-opera watcher and that just watching this show decreases my IQ level significantly, but I just cannot help myself. I'm addicted.]

This week was a little uncomfortable for me. The main reason was that I had to spend a significant amount of time watching Brad and Michelle, and it was just so awkward. The producers put them through this incredibly stressful situation (anyone else seeing this pattern?the producers pick dates which will put the poor women through their worst fears hoping it will create (1) drama and/or (2) a false feeling of closeness with Brad), which actually did make Michelle look more like a human being to me. But all the build-up beforehand (what's with all the punching and elbowing motions she does?), the random black eye, and her utter lack of substance just bugged me. I absolutely think Michelle is the victim of selective editing, so don't hate me for hating on her so much. It's just that I can only see what I can see.

Way to go, Britt, with her cuteness and shyness. I was psyched to see her hit it off with Brad, even though I doubt she'll make it super far. And, as annoyed as I was with Ashley H's little temper tantrum, I can kind of understand where the girl is coming from. I think the pressure is just a little intense, so she did what girls do and threw a fit.

I think Brad and Chantal are cute together, and I think he digs how easy things are with her, but I'm just not seeing fireworks (for lack of a non-Michelle term) there. I'm honestly not seeing fireworks with ANYONE yet! Sweet little Emily is just so darned polite that she's not letting Brad see who she really is. Although apparently that's working for her given his little picnic stunt at the cocktail party. If I was any of the other girls, I would have just packed up my stuff then and there.

So that's it for this week! I can't wait for next week, although I'm already fuming that the producers are sending Emily on a Nascar driving date when her deceased fiance was a racecar driver. And I believe Brad's feigned ignorance of this fact about as much as I believe in the tooth fairy. (Apparently I wore my sassy pants today. I'll be back to normal tomorrow. :))

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Thoughts from Brigitte said...

I love your updates and I love that you love this silly show too. This is the first year that I have cheated and looked at the spoiler.
Can't decide how I feel about cheating. Don't talk to mamaw about it because I told her and she might let it slip! Love you

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