Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well, the rain finally turned to snow, and we've got ourselves a winter wonderland around here! So I thought I'd post a few pictures - mostly of Lilly enjoying/biting at the snow.

Sometimes she looks so serious. Like she's taking everything in and making very important decisions.

"How much of a mess can I make in Mommy's house if I splash around in this puddle?"

"What's the square root of 1521?

"I think I need to go potty RIGHT NOW, but I'm too excited to slow down!"

But for this one, there just aren't any words. Crazy little demon...


The Copeland Family said...

Your house has such GREAT, curb appeal...the snow looks amazing on it!

Sarah McMullin said...

She is such a gorgeous girl.

Ryan said...

Thanks, you guys! Lisa, I just wish it was ours to keep! I don't think the owners are interested in selling. :(

Sarah, speaking of gorgeous girls, how's Miss Dorothy?? She is just PRECIOUS!

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