Friday, February 18, 2011

I ♥ PW

I'm just now posting about the book-signing adventure because work has been CRAZY this week. Apparently crazy is the new normal, but that's another post for another day. :)

On the day of the signing, I was as giddy as a rock-star groupie. I left work a few hours early and headed over to the Borders on Preston around 4:00. The book signing wasn't supposed to start until 6, but I figured I needed to try and beat all the crazies (plus, I really just couldn't wait!). It was encouraging to see a lot of empty spaces in the parking lot when I pulled up, but apparently it was so empty because all of the smart people had already came and picked up the bracelets we didn't know we needed. They had like six different colors of bracelets, each with 100 people per color. Each color represented a group number, which determined when you could line up. We got the fourth color, so we knew there would be at least 300 people in front of us in line.

When she first got there, we were so thrilled to see that her entire family (including Marlboro Man!) was there. She did a Q & A, which made me love her even more than I already did because she's just so humbled by it all. And I couldn't not raise my hand and ask a question, but the best I could come up with was "Do you plan on writing another book?" How unoriginal! But, in case any of you are wondering, apart from the Charlie book she's coming out with in April, she doesn't have any plans to write anything else (at least for now).

When we realized that it would be hours before we could even get in line, we ran across the street and grabbed some mexican food for dinner. When we got back, we saw a line forming in front of her kids. When I realized that her kids were signing books, too, I just about died at the cuteness. Especially her youngest boy - he's so adorable I can hardly stand it!! So we got in line and they graciously signed our books and even let us take our picture with them, which was just so precious.

But check out how close the little guy is squished up against his brother. I tried to lean in a little farther so the picture wouldn't look so awkward, but he kept moving farther away from me. :) Poor kid...

And I'm not gonna lie... meeting Marlboro Man was probably the highlight of my night. He just reminds me so much of Micah: strong, quiet, happy, content. And I get giddy at the sight of Micah the way the Pioneer Woman gets giddy about Marlboro Man. (Tonight, when I grabbed a table at Johnny Carino's while Micah parked the truck, the hostess asked me if I wanted her to look for the rest of my party so that she could send them back to the table. I said, "Sure! He'll be the handsomest guy that walks through the door." And he was.)

After that, we finally got in the line that stretched all the way across the store to have the Pioneer Woman sign our books. And even though we were in line for over three hours, I honestly had a BLAST. I'm fairly certain that Lauren, Faith, and I were thoroughly entertaining everyone around us with our randomness. It got a little awkward when we were parked in front of the ... ahem ... adult literature for almost twenty minutes, but I'm pretty sure I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. At long last, we got to the front of the line. When we walked up to the table, all coherency left my body. I think I remember telling her that she was a "fountain of knowledge" after she told us that Stella (the name Faith and my brother picked out for the baby) means star. Fountain of knowledge?? Seriously??

And I look like absolute crap in this picture, but oh, well. We made some wonderful memories that night.

And I FINALLY got to see the face underneath this hat! :)


Sarah McMullin said...

Best. Post. Ever.

You are a fountain of knowledge.

Ally said...

Thanks to you, I am now obsessed with PW as well. :) I am SO jealous!

Ryan said...

Lol, Sarah, I'm still in disbelief that, of ALL the words I could have said, I chose those.

And I'm so glad I made a believer out of you, Ally! She's so great!

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