Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy bees...

To say that we've had a lot going on is a bit of an understatement... :)

First, it was Micah's birthday on Thursday. He turned twenty-five, and we celebrated fairly quietly that night. We just grabbed Razzoo's for dinner (where I did NOT subject him to the embarrassing birthday song routine because I'm a good wife), and I got him a really nice cigar and a cigar cutter he'd been wanting. His real present is a new fishing rod and reel, but he wasn't positive which ones he wanted yet so I decided to just let him get them. :)

Friday night I had my parents, my brother and Faith, and Lauren and Eric over for a (very) last-minute surprise get-together for Micah. We had plans to celebrate with Micah's family on Saturday, but my family all wanted to hang out with Micah to celebrate, so everyone came over to our house on Friday evening before Micah got home, and we surprised him as he walked through the door! I forgot to take pictures, but we definitely had a BLAST!

I honestly cannot say enough how thankful I am that my parents (and my amazing step-parents) can all be around one another and honestly get along. It isn't awkward or forced, and everyone smiles and laughs together, and it really does feel like one cohesive family. I just feel so blessed that my parents (all four of them) love my brother and me enough to get past the past. It makes life so, so much easier. :)

On Saturday, we spent some time looking at houses with my favorite realtor, my Aunt Brigitte and my Uncle Clay. Although our lease isn't up until September, we've decided for sure that we want to stay in Sunnyvale, and we've narrowed down to a particular neighborhood. They're almost finishing construction in the neighborhood, so if we want to be there, we needed to start narrowing down because the houses there go quickly. I won't say anything specific yet because I don't want to jinx it, but hopefully I'll have some good news later this week! :)

Last night we went to Micah's parents' house to eat hamburgers and celebrate Micah's birthday. (THREE birthday dinners - is this guy spoiled or what? ;)) We got to love on Landyn and eat cheesecake and just enjoy his sweet family.

This morning we went to church and then had lunch with my dad and Lori. After lunch, we went and looked at houses some more. My mom just happened to have driven out this way to check out the neighborhood we're looking at, so when we drove past her, we all headed to check out the houses together. (SERIOUSLY... my parents are amazing.)

And I've been steadily working since we got back. We're about to file a new suit, so it's crunch time. Not to mention the fact that one of my cases is going to trial in April. So I'd better get back to work - just wanted to post a quick update. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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