Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm afraid I'm in big trouble. In addition to my current addiction to Facebook and Google Reader, I'm apparently now hooked on Pinterest (thanks to my BFF).

If you haven't heard about it, it's the newest trendy addiction for those who like to share their stylish/crafty/creative internet finds with others. It's basically an online corkboard where you can "pin" pictures (which are linked to a website) of your favorite books, music, home decorating ideas, recipes, quotes, fashion ideas, etc. on your "board." It's sort of like twitter in that you can "follow" other peoples' boards and "repin" their finds to your own boards. You can comment on other peoples' pins, as well.

For me, it serves two great purposes: (1) I can document the things I want to try, whether they be decorating ideas or recipes, in one location so I can remember to actually try them and (2) I can shamelessly pilfer the creativity of others. :)

For example, here's a cute thing that one of my Pinterest friends, Traci, pinned on her "Quotes" board that I just LOVED!

This is SOOO me and Micah. I'm an Abbott, and we like DONE. He's a Hargrave, and they like perfect. Put us together, and we're a pretty good team. :)

So anyway, if you're not on Pinterest yet, you should be! If you do join, find me so I can follow you! :)

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