Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pinterest Fun...

This might be a one-time post, or it might be a weekly feature. Who knows. :) But I'm addicted to Pinterest, and I thought I'd share my favorite finds from the past week or so.

(from here - I'm in LOVE with this and am definitely planning on painting my piano)

(banana cake with brown sugar buttercream icing from here)(from here - I definitely bought these)

(from here)

(from here - how perfect is this!?)

(from here)


The Copeland Family said...

I love your new shoes...those are darling!!

Sarah McMullin said...

It is ADDICTING. Makes me realize how many people have lovely taste and love to share it.

Ryan said...

Thanks, Lisa! Apparently I should get them on Wednesday - hopefully they look as cute on me as they do in the picture! :)

That's so true, Sarah - I'm so thankful for those with such creativity that are willing to share it with dummies like me. :)

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