Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy birthday, USA!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!! Hope you're all enjoying your long weekend!

We've had a really nice, relaxing weekend. On Friday, Micah FINALLY got his hair cut, and I can't tell you how happy I am. It had been like a month, and he was looking like a mountain man. After we grabbed dinner at Flying Fish in Firewheel (YUM!), we ran into Dillards on a whim, and ended up going home with two different comforters. It's a bummer that neither of them worked out - one had the PERFECT colors but a really grandma-ish design, and the other had decent colors and a decent design, but lacked the wow factor I'm looking for. It's really a shame that our yellow comforter looks HORRIBLE with the paint in the bedroom - it's so pretty and perfect with our bed!

On Saturday, I spent the morning hanging with my college roommate and her cute dog and sassy cat. It's always SO good to catch up! When I got home, Micah wanted to give Lilly a bath. Of course it turned into a water fight between Micah and me, and we both ended up soaked. :)

After the water fight, we got all lathered up in sunscreen and tried to go down to the pool in our neighborhood to swim, but our gate code didn't work. I was definitely one unhappy homeowner, but I'm going to call tomorrow and get everything sorted out.

My mom and Steve dropped by later in the afternoon to visit, which is always so nice. I still haven't totally gotten used to the fact that we live close enough to our family to be able to do that!

Yesterday, we got up and went to church, which was just amazing. A Vietnam veteran who had lost both legs while serving came to share his story, and it was incredibly compelling. After church, we went and had lunch at Micah's parents' house, which was delicious as always.

On our way back, we stopped in Rockwall at the new HomeGoods store. Have you guys been there before? I hadn't, and it was almost overwhelming! But there was a LOT of cute stuff in there, and we left with a toilet brush (ha!) and a garden trellis, which I plan on painting and putting inside the house somewhere. We also stopped by Bahama Bucks for the first time and got the most delicious snow cones I've ever had in my life. I got a wedding cake + cream.

And Micah got a white coconut + cream.

(Micah made his into a cliff. He's so wonderfully strange sometimes.)

Today, we're heading over to my BFF's in-laws' beautiful house to celebrate the holiday and Lauren's birthday. Happy early 26th, friend!

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday! :)

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mmmmmmmmm sno cones!!!

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