Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Well, this week has been surprisingly okay! I'm busy but not overwhelmingly so. So I thought I'd celebrate by linking up to What I'm Loving Wednesday and sharing some of the things I'm loving this week!

I'm loving Shoedazzle.

I'm sure you guys have heard of it, but just in case... it's essentially a "shoe of the month" kind of site, where you sign up (for free), tell them what kind of shoes you like, and they build you a "showroom" every month with a few shoes to choose from (plus you can shop from the featured shoes for that month or even your facebook friends' showrooms). You can either buy a pair or opt out by "skipping" the month. (Warning - if you forget to opt out, I think they charge your card. I just set up a recurring Outlook reminder to help me remember.) The BEST part is that EVERYTHING on the website is $39! I got these shoes in the mail yesterday, and they are SUPER cute (and relatively comfortable!).
(I got them in taupe instead of the leopard.)

I'm loving Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (in Bourbon, to be exact). Stays on well, and great colors to choose from.
I'm loving the RAIN! My fellow Texans know how much we have needed it!

I'm loving that the Rangers are kicking butt and taking names in the playoffs! We lost last night, but I've got faith that we'll pull through and head to the World Series.

I'm loving this little cutie. I may or may not have bought him a little Cowboys outfit last night. (If you're reading, Diana, you can just pretend to be surprised the next time we see y'all. :))

I'm loving some recent Pinterest finds.

(Love me some Harry Potter pins.)
(Cake Batter Bars.  Amen.)
(The Help.  You must read/watch it.)
(from here)
(they lyrics to your wedding song - learn how to make it here)
And, as always, I'm loving Micah Lee.

Have a great Wednesday, y'all!

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Kit said...

Great pins!!!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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