Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday...

Aside from suffering through an upper respiratory infection (ick!), this week has been so great!  Here's what I'm lovin' this week...

... CHRISTMAS TIME!!!  I know it's not even December yet, but the day after Thanksgiving marks my official kickoff of the holiday season every year.  We've almost got the house all ready to celebrate (pictures coming soon, I promise!), and I'm digging the Christmas spirit, y'all.

(on that note) ... Peaceful Holidays Station on Pandora.  It's mostly instrumental versions of the classics, and it's so... well, peaceful.  :)

... this tutorial for beachy waves.  I tried this out this morning, and it's a fun twist on the classic curl. 

(Pardon my awkward, I-took-this-in-my-office self portrait. And my bad haircut. And let's also gloss over the fact that I'm whiter than Edward Cullen, mmkay?) 
I slept on wet hair, so I left a few pieces as they were to give a little variety. The cool thing about using the flat iron is that, if you accidentally go all corkscrew on a piece, you can just straighten it out a little to get the look you want.

... the fact that I lost over three pounds over Thanksgiving last week.  That marks 29.4(!) pounds total (read more about that here) since September 26.  I've still got a looong way to go, but it really has gotten easier.  It's sort of habit now, and I'm particularly amazed at how little I crave sugar.  Sugar used to be my thang, so it's really saying something that I can pass by a brownie without a second glance.

I wish y'all could smell this.  It's so delicious. I may or may not have gotten caught sniffing my own wrist in the elevator this morning.

... these recent Pinterest finds (you can follow me here).

(via here)

(via here)

(snickerdoodle bars via here)

(baked ziti with portabello mushrooms, carmelized onions, and goat cheese via here)

(Harry Potter tribute via here. Made me cry.)

(via here)

(via here)

(Sorry... I couldn't resist. :))

... and lastly, but definitely not least, I'm loving my handsome husband.

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Elizabeth said...

I love your blog! I am going to have to try this Coach perfume. I'm a Burberry Brit girl but I bet this smells good too. And I also am a big Harry Potter fan - so sad they are done.

The Links said...

I'm going to have to check out that Pandora station because my favorites are always the instrumental songs. And Congrats to losin 30 pounds. That is awesome!!

niKKi nicole said...

I am a fellow addict to the Coach Poppy and had to say I myself have been caught smelling my wrist. It's a side affect I am afraid! ;)

Sarah said...

Snickerdoodle bars?! Are you kidding me? Yum!!

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