Thursday, December 29, 2011

Truth is...

... I've been quite a lazy blogger lately.  It has been easier to slap some pictures and decorating fun on here than it has been to tell you guys what's been going on in the Hargrave house.  Believe me, though, it's not because we have any drama to share... it's just been pretty quiet around here. But I'll do my best to update y'all because I feel like I should.  That's what a good blogger would do. :)

Micah and I are both feeling a little icky.  It hit us both yesterday - head congestion, sore throat, etc.  I'm not sure what it is, but I'm all jacked up on DayQuil, hoping it magically goes away.  Thankfully, I'm working from home most of this week.  Apparently the office is fairly deserted every year between Christmas and New Years, so I thought I'd just work from home and save myself the commute.  The work doesn't stop, though - lots of writing the past few days, which I love.

The next big house project we try to tackle will probably be built-in bookshelves for the office.  We're thinking that, if we can, we'd like to just use the company who did our kitchen/bathroom cabinets so they fit in with the rest of the house.  (Speaking of, I've got to call them today...)  Micah wasn't in love with the idea of doing lighter shelves at first, but I think I've got him convinced that, given the small/dark space, white/cream will be better.  No matter what we do, I'll be THRILLED to get rid of all of the ugly file cabinets we have in there now.  And I'm pretty sure we're going with a nautical theme, with framed antique nautical charts, and maybe I'll find a use for this spool table after all!

And you're probably wondering how the diet is going, too.  Truthfully, not very well in the past week or so.  I let myself eat pretty much guilt-free over the holidays, and I can't quite pull myself out of eat-whatever-I-want mode.  I have no doubt I'll snap back into it soon, but until then, I'm pretty sure I need to rid the house of all the delicious sweet things we acquired at Christmas.  I may or may not have polished off a ridiculous amount of white fudge Flipz this morning. But I did make a yummy, healthy dinner last night and had a perfectly on-plan lunch today, which reminded me that it does feel SO much better to eat things that are good for me.

(What I wore to the firm Christmas party... definitely not perfect, but better than last year! :))

On a happy note, Micah and I celebrated our three-year wedding anniversary on Tuesday!  It just blows my mind that we've been married for three years already.  It really has gotten better every year!  He's so much more than I deserve, but I think I'll keep him anyway.

We're doing so well, actually, and having so much fun with our niece and nephew that we're starting to think about our timeline for having kids.  And...we're thinking that we'll probably start trying sometime this coming year! Life is busy, and juggling my role as a mom and my career will be tough, but there's never going to be a "perfect" time, and you just make time for things that are important to you.  So there's a little scoop for you guys. :)

And that's what has been up with us! Same old quiet little life, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


The Copeland Family said...

Ryan Hargrave as a mother??? That child/those children will be the luckiest ever. I don't know Micah very well, but if you married him; he must be one heck of a guy! Praying for these new decisions in your lives.

The Autry's said...

I know I don't "know" you but I really enjoy your blog. My hubby and I are also talking about kids... Right now I'm trying to lose weight to try and have a healthier pregnancy. It's tough!! Weight loss is a battle. I too let myself eat whatever I wanted. We went to Vegas, then Christmas... I'm back on it though. I started back Monday. Something about a new week helped me. I do Weight Watchers. Good luck with your diet!!! I wish you much success on the scale! Haha! :)


Ryan said...

Thanks so much, Lisa! You're too sweet!

You're so right, Allie - it IS a battle! I'm rooting for you, too! :)

Brandi Gail said...

I start my diet/weight loss journey Sun...Here's to keeping each other accountable! :)

The Links said...

So excited for your little family!! Being pregnant and being a Mommy is such a fun adventure. Can't wait for you to join in on all the fun!!

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