Monday, January 16, 2012

Meal-Planning Monday...

Yeah, you read that correctly.  I'm meal planning again!

After looking over our finances this weekend and realizing how much we eat out each month, Micah and I realized that we really need to stop eating out so much.  It's cheaper and healthier to eat at home, and I honestly just feel better when I cook. (Is that weird?)  The easiest way to address that is for me to plan out our meals so that we're not asking ourselves what we want for dinner every night.

So, mostly courtesy of Pinterest, here's what we're eating this week.

Cilantro-Lime Chicken, sauteed squash, and toast

Lemon-Dill Chicken Skewers and sauteed zucchini and onions

Skinny Chicken Jambalaya and roasted asparagus

Summer Spaghetti with shrimp and sauteed spinach and mushrooms

And because I've really been wanting to try them, we're going to work these Pudding Pops into the mix somehow.  They're only 25 calories per pop!

All of these recipes are pretty darn healthy, too!  Hope you guys have a wonderful week!

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