Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinterest Projects

I've been pinning my little heart out lately, but I haven't actually done much with my pins.  They sit there on my pretty boards, taunting me with their cleverness and making me feel incredibly lazy.  So I've picked a few that I actually want to do relatively soon, and I'm sharing them with you guys (1) so that you can keep me accountable for getting off my lazy butt and (2) just in case you need a little inspiration, yourself. 

{Kitchen Organization}

Micah and I are desperately in need of a "command center" in our kitchen.  Our mail and bills just pile up before we finally break down and file them away.  And my meal plan is usually written on yellow legal paper and taped to the front of the fridge.  So I love the idea of having a designated meal plan board (although I'll likely do something similar to my memory verse board as opposed to the vinyl Landee used), as well as some framed pictures and mail slots to keep the mail organized.  Plus, the side of my fridge is exposed, so I won't have to use the sheet metal to create a magnetic surface.  I think we're going to try and tackle this project this weekend.

{Door Mat Wall Hanging}

Apparently this is a rubber door mat from the dollar store that has been painted with Rustoleum Heirloom White (my fav!) and sanded to give it a distressed look.  This is super appealing to me because it's cheap, creative, and it would totally go in my house.  The problem, I think, will be finding a mat that has such intricate detail that isn't expensive.  (But heck... maybe I'll get luck and actually find one this pretty at the Dollar Store. :))  I'll probably do three of them to create a bigger statement and put it in the niche in my dining room.

{Framed Scrapbook Paper}

This is so cool-looking, isn't it?  I love how striking it is and how cheap it probably was to create.  I may use scrapbook paper, but I'll probably use these book cover postcards I bought from Anthropologie yesterday:

(And I'm really bummed because I just found them on Amazon for almost $10 cheaper with free shipping.) 

Either way, some version of this will end up in my house soon.  Likely in my master bedroom where my memory verse board is currently.  (I'd like to move the memory verse board to the bathroom if it'll fit.)

{Frame Collage}

I love this idea for our breakfast area.  I've got a fairly large, totally blank wall in there, and I think this would be fun.  I'd probably do the frames in greens and whites.  I LOVE the chalkboard, and since we don't have kids' artwork to display there yet, we'll have to be creative in what we hang in the frames.  I'm thinking using a couple of these kitchen printables.

Clever, right?  Anyway, I just like the look of the frames grouped together. 

{Fabric-Covered Foam}

These are apparently 4'x8' foam insulation boards from Home Depot covered in damask fabric.  I think they look so elegant.  We've got this humongous niche above our stairs that I can't, for the life of me, figure out what to put there, and I'm thinking this might be absolutely perfect.  I'd have to go with different fabric, obviously, since my house isn't nearly this formal, but that would be the perfect mission for me and my mom on a Saturday.  Plus, the foam can't be very heavy, so that'd make hanging it much easier for my poor husband. :)

{Towel Rack}

We've got an ugly towel rack in our guest room that leaves very little room for decorating in there, and when I saw this I immediately coveted it.  The only problem is that I don't know whether the person who hung it actually made it or if they bought it somewhere.  One other cool thing would be to use an old, distressed mantel and to add the hooks either to the mantel, itself, or to the wall directly below it. 

So what are your must-do Pinterest projects?



Faith said...

Love all those projects!! I know the door mat is at bed, bath, and beyond, too! Let me know when you do it, I'd love to have a craft day with you!!

Ryan said...

Ooh, yes! Craft day!!! I'll hunt down the mats, and we can plan a day. Yay!

Ashlyn said...

cute home pins! love them all :]



Kathryn said...

That towel rack shelf is perfect! Great pins!


The Planet Pink said...

That command center is great! We have something similar and it is a life saver!

Sarah McMullin said...

Here I am to encourage you to do your Pinterest projects and go running. That's what you get for blogging! :-)

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