Monday, January 23, 2012

Pool tables, movies, and SuperSonic breakfast burritos...

I'm having trouble walking today.  Most likely, it's because I started "running" yesterday.  (I put running in quotes because my "run" included quite a bit of walking.)  Or maybe it's because I'm wearing four-inch heels that are just a teensy bit too big.  Who really knows.

Other than the aforementioned wobbly-ness, we had a great weekend.  I went to dinner with the girls on Friday night (and had a blasty blast) but ended up not sticking around for bingo.  I was wiped out, and we had to get up on Saturday to head to Frisco to look at a pool table.  This pool table, in fact.

It's an 8-foot, black distressed table with brick-red felt, and it was CHEAP (for a pool table).  So we bought it!  We're having it moved on Saturday, which is definitely not cheap, but it's worth it to us to not have to mess with it.  The slate is HEAVY.

When we left Frisco, we dropped by the Cheesecake Factory in Allen (my FAVORITE) for a quick lunch.  Have you guys tried their Skinnylicious menu yet?  All kinds of stuff under 500 calories, and it all looked SO good.  The chopped salad I had was to die for, and I'm hoping it offset the loaf (er... loafs) of bread I practically inhaled.

On Saturday night, we had a nice, quiet movie night.  We finally saw Courageous, which we had been wanting to see since it came out in the theaters. 

It was really, really good.  Uplifiting, encouraging, moving, funny.  All the good stuff in one.

We also watched Hope Floats, which Micah hadn't seen before.  My mom always called me Bernice Matisse when I was growing up because I was serious and precocious and sweet and because I actually kind of looked like the little girl in the movie.  Anyway... I loved being reminded of those memories with my Mom.  She's pretty much the best Mom anyone could ask for.

Yesterday we went to Sunday School and church and may or may not have had Joe's Crab Shack again.  Which ended with me in a food coma and a two-hour nap.  But I totally made up for it with the running yesterday afternoon, right?  Right? 

Last night I made this slow-cooker cilantro-lime chicken, which was divine.

But what I really wanted to share was how I managed to resist a delicious, evil temptation on the way to work this morning.  As I'm scarfing down my boring protein bar, I got this ridiculously strong craving for a SuperSonic Burrito from Sonic.  You know the one I'm talking about right?

It's made with sausage (I usually sub in bacon), eggs, cheese, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and bits of tater tots.  (Yeah, my mouth just filled up with saliva, too.)  Anyway, I decided that I was just going to ignore the fact that it packs almost 600 calories and get one.  After all, I haven't had one in months.  Surely I deserved it?  So I drive out of the way to Sonic and, just as I'm about to turn in, I remembered how much I wanted to quit yesterday while running.  How sweaty and red-faced and exhausted I was when I finished.  And then I thought about how I didn't even burn HALF the calories of that stupid, delicious burrito during my tortuous run, and I just kept right on driving. 

So maybe I won't give up on this running thing so quickly... looks like it might help in more ways than one. :)


Melissa G said...

I can't even tell you how familiar that Sonic story was to me. I was grinning ear to ear while reading it because I did that just last week at the Sonic completely out of the way from my office (my craving is those darn breakfast sandwiches)! Keep it up, Ryan! And keep on running :)

Brandi Gail said...

Good for you and the temptation! I started myfitnesspal with my hubby and some girls from church..did ok last week, and the we came upon us..:( Back to it today!

Ryan said...

Thanks, y'all. And Brandi, every day is a new day. That's what I tell myself when I blow it (which is often!). My mantra that weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint has now become even more significant. :)

Brandi Gail said...

Yes it is a marathon! :)

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