Friday, January 20, 2012

Some confessions...

It's Friday, y'all!  In celebration of this gorgeous Texas morning, I'm spilling a few secrets...

1.  I didn't actually know the weather was supposed to be gorgeous today, and I'm sporting a pretty substantial sweater.  Meteorology fail.

2.  I tried on some jeans this morning that I haven't been able to fit into in at least two years, and they fit perfectly.  Getting back into my old clothes is even more fun than buying new ones!

3.  I had a cheese enchilada for the first time in four months yesterday, and it was glorious.  But not as glorious as number 2 above, so I'll be foregoing such indulgances indulgences for at least another four months.

4.  A group of some girlfriends are all getting together to go play bingo tonight, and I'm strangely excited. The only problem is that the last time I played bingo was in high school, when I went with my then-boyfriend and my brother and his girlfriend.  Turns out that was the night when my boyfriend and my brother's girlfriend decided that they'd dump my brother and me and start dating each other.  So I'm worried I might have bad bingo karma.  (You probably didn't know I was going to get all Maury Povich on you this morning.) 

5.  The first time I heard LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It, I actually thought it was a spoof performed by the guys from Jersey Shore.  No lie.  It was a little depressing when I realized that it wasn't and that it's actual, legitimate music.  (What happened to the days when Mariah was still good and the guys from Boyz II Men were still "boyz"?  Is 26 the age at which one becomes nostalgic and old?)

6.  We may or may not be purchasing a pool table relatively soon.  Micah's definitely ready to get the game room upstairs looking more like a game room and less like a catchall for all the cheap Ikea furniture we bought when I was in law school.

7.  My firm kickball team lost in the first round of the playoffs on Wednesday night in extra innings (just typing this sentence felt lame). 

8.  Sometimes when I'm talking to people at work, I'm thinking the words in a British accent in my head as I'm speaking them.  I keep thinking about how awful it will be when my brain inevitably gets the signals crossed and the words come out all Harry Potter-ish.

... and I think that's about it, y'all.  Hope you have a WONDERFUL Friday!


Anonymous said...

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan... Law Review called, and it is asking for its diploma... It's indulgences, not indulgances :)

I love reading you, so please don't take this badly. Keep up the good work. You are an amazing and engaging writer.

Ryan said...

Haha... no way, I need MORE readers like you to catch my mistakes! (It's quite a heavy burden for my mom to do it alone. ;)) The funny thing is that it looked strange when I wrote it, but I talked myself out of looking it up. On (God, our ancestors would cringe at how lazy we've become. Too busy even to CLICK!) Thanks again... :)

Anonymous said...

Kickball is sooooooo LAME.... REALLY?? Do something fun and cool like Modern Western Square Dancing.

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