Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eleven Things...

I sure love it when I can lazily (it's a legit adverb, fo sho) rely upon others to supply content for a post.  And it's definitely a bonus when it involves me getting to share random tidbits about myself with you.  So I'm taking Leslie up on her universal tag of all of her readers in this cute little game.

Here are the rules...

~you must post the rules
~post 11 fun facts about yourself
~answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you & then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged
~tag 11 people and link them in your post
~let them know you have tagged them

Here are the eleven fun facts about me...

1.  My favorite, ahem, profane exclamation is "mother flip."  I'd almost always prefer the original, but I'm a Southern lady, and we try to keep that kind of thing to a minimum, y'all. 

2.  My middle name before I got married (and moved my maiden name to my middle name) was Elisabeth.  Why, yes, it is just like Elizabeth, but with an "s."  Can you even imagine what a beatdown it was for me when I was in elementary school with a name like "Ryan Elisabeth"?  Boy-ish first name + weird, out-of-the-box middle name = automatic seat at the semi-dork lunch table.  But I guess the fact that I occasionally wore ties and medieval headdresses (like the one pictured below) to school probably didn't help.

  (But to be fair, I really love my first name now.  Well done, Mom.)

3.  I'm exactly two and a half years to the day younger than my brother.  He always calls me on my birthday to wish himself a happy "half-birthday."  :)

4.  99% of the time, I fall asleep within two minutes of my head hitting the pillow.  It's a gift that I never take for granted.

5.  Every song on the Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone Soundtrack is on my favorites playlist on my iPod.  It's only slightly embarassing when Micah's friends are over playing pool and "Fluffy's Harp" starts playing on my docking station.  Cause then I can just change the song to "The Boy is Mine" and regain all the cool points I lost.  (Perhaps it's time for me to invest in some new music?) (But who else is excited that Brandy and Monica are collaborating again!??)

6.  I love kissing in the rain.  And falling asleep to the sound of rain. 

7.  I could eat blue cheese every day for the rest of my life and not be sad about it.

8.  When I bend over to pick something up, I almost always have to lift my leg up behind me like I imagine a ballerina would do.

9.  There's a lady and her husband who sit behind our Sunday School Class group at church and sing every song at the top of their lungs and off-key.  I really, really wish they wouldn't.

10.  I've never met anyone famous.  Ever.  I almost saw the girl who played the mean girl in The Babysitter's Club movie and Joey's pregnant sister on Friends while I was in New York, but I got back from the bathroom too late, my old roommate tells me.

11.  If there's music playing, I'm almost certainly wiggling my toes to the beat.  I have no idea when I started doing this, but I can't stop myself. 

Here are the questions that Leslie posted...

1. If you could raid any celebrity's closet, who would it be and why?
It's probably too predictable, but definitely Jennifer Aniston.  Her style is so timeless and classic. 

2. If you were a shoe, what would you look like?
Valentino Couture Bow Platform Pump via

Hands down.  Classic black peep-toe pump with just a hint of sass. :)

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Oh, this is hard.  Despite my comment above, I'm not usually easily annoyed.  (I swear, y'all... they sing really loud!)  But I have to admit that the incorrect usage of they're/their/there, you're/your, and to/too can sometimes send me spinning out of orbit.  As Ross said, "Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E means 'you are.'  Y-O-U-R means 'YOUR!'"

4. Favorite song of all-time?
Hardest question EVER.  I can't.  I just can't.

5. Are you a dog person or a cat person? And why? (If you don't like animals, we can't be friends.)
Dog person.  I love how sassy cats are, but I need unconditional love.

6. You're queen for a day. How do you spend your royal 24 hours?
Smuggling out all the crown jewels, of course!

7. What's the most delicious thing you've ever eaten?
Oh, wow.  Oh, wow.  Visions of cheese and buttercream frosting and heavy whipping cream are dancing in my head.  (But not together, of course.  It's more like a conga line.)  Truthfully, I can't really narrow it down to just one, so I'll just tell you that the Chocolate Mousse Cake from Stein's Bakery in Dallas is pretty darned delectable.  It's my birthday cake every year and kept coming to the front of my mind over and over as I deliberated this question for approximately nine-and-a-half minutes.

8. What scares you the most? (This can be deep and complex or shallow...whateva you feel like!)
Alligators.  Or crocodiles.  Either/or.

9. Which celebrity do you wish would drift off into obscurity?
Miley Cyrus.  The sound of her braces/retainer (whatever the crap it is that makes her sound so strange) is the only thing I hear when she sings, and it makes me want to cry.

10. You're 16 years old again. What advice would you give your younger self?
You're going to have your heart broken soon.  But by the time your next birthday rolls around, you'll have met the man you're going to marry.  He's worth all the tears, I promise.

11. What's your Starbucks order?
Tall, skinny peppermint mocha.  Delish.

Here's who I'm tagging in this post...

I'm taking Leslie's cue and tagging YOU!  Anyone who's reading and wants to join in the fun is invited! 

Here are the questions you've got to answer...

1.  Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?
2.  Name a beauty product you can't live without.
3.  What's something you hope to do in the next five years?
4.  If you could take three things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?
5.  Favorite song? (See if you can do it.  Maybe I'm just cray-cray?)
6.  What's the best book you've read recently?
7.  Team Edward or Team Jacob? (Or do you hate them both?)
8.  If you could be any person for a day, who would it be?
9.  Something delicious you ate recently? (I won't make you pick your favorite because that's just mean. ;))
10. Describe yourself in five words or less.
11. What's something you're good at?

If you decide to play along, definitely come link your post up in the comments so we can come check it out! :)



Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

For starters, you were a BEAUTIFUL bride. Gorgeousness.

Love your list. Your "most delicious thing you've eaten" made me ten kinds of hungry.

And don't worry, I sat at the dork lunch table too. I was decidedly NOT COOL in school ; )

Crystal said...

thanks for giving me something to post about! :)

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