Friday, February 10, 2012

I feel like confessing...

Fridays just feel like a good day for confessing, don't they? 

1)  Yesterday was a running day, and by about 4:00 in the afternoon, I was actually... looking forward to it.  I can't even believe I just said that, but it's true.  I'm just halfway through Week Three of Couch-to-5K, and I'm already looking forward to running.  Holy cow.  Who would have thought?  Now, make no mistake, about halfway through the workout last night, I was cursing the world and wondering why any sane person would voluntarily submit themselves to such torture (clearly, I could never survive any sort of interrogation... or anything even remotely challenging, apparently), but I powered through.  And my time was even better than my previous workout! 

2)  Micah has been out of town since Tuesday, and I've been reminded how crappy and boring my life would be without him.  Even just watching TV is more fun when he's sitting beside me.  I also didn't love the fact that he wasn't here to hold Lilly's leash while we ran, so I had to deal with her, instead.  (She's just too pitiful when I put on my running shoes and go out the door without her.  Micah said the last time I left her home, she whined for about five minutes.  Poor little princess.)  I spent a stupid amount of very precious energy keeping her from spazzing out every time another person/dog/car/leaf came near us.  I definitely won't take him dealing with her for granted anymore...

3)  I've got a pretty significant dent in my windshield on my car, and the crack is starting to spread quickly.  I've been putting off getting it fixed, but I'm pretty sure my time is about up.  Ick.  I guess I'll go ahead and get my squeaky brakes, dented bumper, and cracked stepside fixed at the same time.  My car's a hot mess.

4)  I recently pinned this sweet, sweet story.  Instead of paraphrasing it, I'll just post the story and the letter written by the daughter of what must be the cutest couple in the history of time:

"We always give a small metal box with this story inside to friends who are getting married. Tim likes to include $50 and a note saying, "the first 50 are on us." We've loved making this tradition a part of our marriage and hope you do to. It's never too late to start!

Dear Ann Landers,

Last weekend, we celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. This morning they left on a long-awaited trip to Hawaii. They were as excited as if it were their honeymoon! When my parents married, they had only enough money for a three-day trip 50 miles from home. They made a pact then that each time they made love, they would put a dollar in a special metal box and save it for a honeymoon in Hawaii for their 50th anniversary. Dad was a policeman, and Mom was a schoolteacher. They lived in a modest house and did all their own repairs. Raising five children was a challenge, and sometimes, money was short. But no matter what emergency came up , Dad would not let mom take any money out of the “Hawaii account.” As the amount grew, they put it in a savings account and then bought CDs.

My parents were always very much in love. I can remember Dad coming home and telling Mom, “I have a dollar in my pocket.” She would smile at him and reply, “I know just how to spend it.” When each of us children married, Mom and Dad gave us a small metal box and told us their secret, which we found enchanting. All five of us are now saving for our dream honeymoons. Mom and Dad never told us how much money they managed to save, but it must have been considerable because when they cashed in those CDs, they had enough for airfare to Hawaii, plus hotel accommodations for 10 days and plenty of spending money. Before they boarded the plane, Dad winked and said, “Tonight we are starting an account for Cancun. That should only take 25 years!”

Ann, I thought you’d enjoy this story about 50 great years of intimacy in marriage!

From a loving daughter in Abilene, Texas"
Is that not the sweetest, most adorable thing you've ever heard?  I feel certain that I'll be giving this as a wedding present sometime soon.
Alright, loves.  I think that's about all the dirt I can scrounge up right now.  Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend! :) (And if you have your own secrets to spill, be sure and link up to A Blonde Ambition!)

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