Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One month...

As of today, I have been running for exactly one month.

This is, by far, the longest I've stuck to any workout regime since high school.  And it feels really good to have not given up yet. 

I've run in the rain.

I've run in the cold.

I've run until my shins are throbbing (from the pain of repeated heel strikes) and my calves are burning (from the effort it takes to try and run on my toes so my shins don't hurt).

And you know what? 

I'm going to keep on running.

I'm not telling you this out of any sort of pride.  I am lazy and short-sighted, and I've given up on so many "I'm going to start working out" kicks that I've lost count.  So, believe me, there is absolutely no pride here.  I'm only telling you what I'm telling myself so that maybe I'll eventually believe it.  And so that maybe you can help keep me accountable?

But just in case, I invested in a little extra "insurance" to keep me motivated to stick with it.

I registered myself and Micah for the 2012 White Rock 5K on April 14th.  I'll be running a 5K in less than two months, y'all! 

It's so exciting.  And terrifying.  And I have this weird fear that I'm going to fall on my face in front of everyone (which wouldn't be altogether surprising), but I'm going to do it anyway.  I'm going to find my strong and do this thing that's difficult.  And I'm hoping that one day I'll look back at this goal that seems huge and insurmountable to me right now and smile at the strength I didn't know I had.


Redhdrunningchick said...

Way to go, Ryan! I love that you are committed even when the conditions aren't prime. That in itself shows that you are getting the mindset of a 'real' runner. :-) And for what it's worth, I am not going to be surprised at all that once you conquer the 5k, you will have a thirst for a bigger race. It's how most of us runners begin our love for racing. :-)

Courtney Johnson said...

This is fab!!! Your an inspiration :)

The Copeland Family said...

So proud of you, Ryan!! Way to go!

Ryan said...

Thanks so much, y'all!

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