Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New bookcase...

I told you guys a couple of weeks ago about the new bookcase I scored for our master bedroom.  Truthfully, I wasn't certain that I was in love with it in the space at first, but now that I have it accessorized (for the most part), I'm kind of loving it.

Starting from the top row: I got the picture frame at Canton; I made the wine cork "H"; I found the pretty green pitcher (and the "home" block on the third row) from Southern Simplicity; I found the fake greenery and the green frame on the fourth row at Target; I found the pretty books at Half-Price Books; I ordered the wire basket and bottles from Wuslu; I got the Pottery Barn books as presents from my mom and stepdad, and I found the basket at Target.

Here's a close-up of the third and fourth rows:

I'd say I'm about 90% done with the master bedroom.  And it has only taken me ten months! :)

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