Friday, April 27, 2012

Who deemed me competent to practice law?

This week has been... Exhausting.  Crazy.  Exhausting.  Awesome.  Exhausting.  Awful.  Scary.  And did I mention that this week has been exhausting?

Traveling combined with too many deadlines at work has made this girl a basket case.  And a zombie.

So much so that I'm doing dumb things, which isn't really out of the ordinary for me, but I don't usually do so many dumb things in such a short amount of time.

For your entertainment, here's what I've been up to this week: 

- I got a shipment notification from Pottery Barn for something I cannot WAIT to show you guys when it comes in.  I was so excited that I forwarded the following message to Micah:  "Whoo hoo! So excited!" 

Except that I didn't forward the message to Micah. 

In fact, I replied back to the customer service email.  In response, they thanked me for my email and assured me that were dedicated to responding to my concerns in a timely manner.

- I washed my body with bubble bath last night.  Micah snatched my Almond Goat Milk Stuff soap from beside the tub, and I thought I was using body wash.  I couldn't figure out why it was all so... bubbly.

- I spent the better part of the afternoon of my first deposition with my zipper down.

- I ran into a trash can at the airport and apologized to it.

- I ordered a muffin from the Starbucks barista and, as I took the bag from him and put it in my purse, I smiled sweetly at him.  He asked me if I needed anything else, and I said, "just the muffin, please."  Understandably, he looked at me like I'm crazy.

- I sent an email to opposing counsel last night.  From my bathtub.  With approximately six typos in it.

- I contemplated how I might use my purse/cell phone/keys/lip gloss as a weapon at the airport on Wednesday night as I was taking the SkyLink from Terminal C to Terminal D.  As I was jabbing my key in the air (for practice, obvi), I realized that we had arrived at Terminal E (please don't ask me why Terminal E is between Terminals C and D - I am clearly not capable of complex thought right now) and that there was someone waiting on the platform, watching me.

- After I arrived in Terminal D, I went to take the escalator down to the ground level so that I could get to the parking garage.  I saw that the escalator wasn't working so I grumpily picked up my carry-on and huffed and puffed it down the stairs.  When I reached the bottom, I stopped to pull out the handle again so I could roll it to the garage. I look over and see a janitor stepping off the other escalator that was working perfectly, looking at me and probably wondering why I opted to take the stairs if I was so pissed off about doing it. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it's done.


Faith said...

I think I just laughed about 7 different times reading this and picturing you doing all these things! That's why we love you!

Sarah said...

Dont worry im always doing strange things when I dont realize people are looking. Also i'm pretty incompetent at email so usually I end up responding to myself or to the wrong person. We simply have too many things on our plates we are NOT crazy lol

Brandi Gail said...

hehe..i laughed too! :) Hope you get some rest this we!

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