Monday, August 6, 2012

Broken Bow (and a semi-mortifying video)...

We had a fabulous weekend in Broken Bow, Oklahoma with our besties, Lauren and Eric, and my family (isn't it crazy that my mom/stepdad and my uncle and his family decided to head up to Broken Bow the exact weekend we had already planned on going with our friends? It worked out so perfectly!).

We left on Thursday afternoon, and the drive was a breezy-breeze.  We stayed in a cabin which was about a five-minute drive from the water.

So adorable, right?  After we got there, we dropped our bags off and headed immediately to go see the lake.

Y'all.  The pictures can't really do this place justice.  It was gorgeous.  I kept saying that I felt like we were in another country because we were surrounded by what were either very large hills or small-ish mountains.

While we were driving around, we actually drove right past my mom and stepdad (who had been circling the lake for about an hour trying to find the lodge where they were staying), so we met up with them and headed to dinner, which ended up being pretty fantastic.

After Lauren and I watched Gabby Douglas kill it in the women's all-around gymnastics final (how adorable is she?) while the boys got ready to fish the next day, we called it a night.

On Friday, Lauren and I woke up and went into town for a little while.  When we got back, we had lunch and then joined the boys out on the boat.  They fished while we tanned and splashed around in the water. 

While I was trying to get some color on my vampire skin, Lauren thought it would be real funny to (1) take secret pictures of me...

and (2) make me think she caught me dancing on video, threaten to post the video on facebook, and then proceed to let me squeal and squawk until she stopped recording.  I wasn't going to subject you guys to this, but it was too funny not to share.  I was laughing so hard at the thought of people seeing me dance that I could barely get words out.


There were also a lot of little islands throughout the lake, so we were able to beach the boat on the shore while we swam around and played in the water.

For dinner that night, we grilled steaks (although there was apparently a burn ban in effect - oops!) and watched even more olympics.  Can I just say how much I heart Missy Franklin?  Love, love, love.

The next morning, we grabbed breakfast at the cute little diner by the cabin.  Then Lauren and I headed off in search of a tube or raft that we could tie to the boat so that we could float along behind the boys as they fished. 

Turns out that we actually found a little mini-boat.

Poor Lauren was just a teensy bit paranoid about us sinking/drowning, but thankfully we survived. :)

That night we met up with my fam for some yummy pizza and then we all headed back to the cabin to play games/watch the olympics.  We may or may not have played a game of charades, and I may or may not have drawn "Christian Grey" as one of my words.  Can you believe that I pelvic-thrusted and fake whipped my little heart out and no one guessed it?  Shocking, I'm sure...

After everyone calmed down from the excitement of my Christian Grey impression, we called it a night and headed home as soon as we got up the next morning.

Moral of the story:  we had SO much fun and are looking forward to going again sometime in the (hopefully) near future! :)


The Autry's said...

Ohh... Love the Christian Grey charades!!! Hahahaha!!!

Annabelle said...

It looks like you had a great weekend! That mini-boat looked fun!

Jessica McCoy said...

Christian Grey charades!! AWESOME!!

Looks like y'all had a GREAT time!!

Kristin said...

Ahh! I miss weekends like that! Glad it was a fun time :)

Heather said...

I just love your blog...thanks for putting it out there! :) Looks like ya'll had a fun trip! I am a new follower from Lawless Life..stop by and say Hi!

Candice said...

Sounds like a blast! That video had me cracking up!

Hautemama said...

Love this post! A lot of my best friends live in Broken Bow. One of my greatest friends owns the Grateful Head pizza place-is that where you went??? I love that place!

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