Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend recap...

Things we did this weekend, in no particular order:

1.  Joined my family and best friend at Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday (27, I'm coming for you!).  It was pouring when everyone was trying to park and make it up to the restaurant, but we had a blast anyway. 

And seriously, you guys, have you ever had something that wasn't absolutely scrumptious at the Cheesecake Factory?  Yeah, me either.  (I'm quite partial to the Pasta da Vinci and the Cashew Chicken, but it's all yum.)  We were too full to eat our cheesecake at the restaurant, so we got it to go.  When we got home, Micah pulled his out of the bag, grabbed a fork and headed to the couch to enjoy it.  And then it fell right off his plate and plopped on the floor, Rachel Green/Chandler Bing style.

He resisted the urge to to eat it off the floor, and I was sweet enough to share my piece of red velvet cheesecake (yeah, I said it) with him.  He's lucky I was feeling charitable...

2.  Met Micah's parents for Italian food.  I managed to order a salad, which was a small miracle.

3.  Made it to church for the first time in three weeks.  It was good to be back.

4.  Purchased new perfume...

... and nail polish.

Love them both.
5.  Met my blog friend Kristen for dinner (although since we met up on Thursday night, this technically didn't happen over the weekend.  Whatevs.). 

It was so good to finally meet her, and we had a great time munching on Mexican food and chatting about anything and everything.

6.  Ate lunch with Micah's parents' for (yet another) birthday celebration.  His family is seriously the sweetest.

7.  Ate dinner with Micah's friend, Cody, and his fiance.  Cody grilled some squash and mushrooms on the grill in just a little butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powser, and they were to. die. for. 

8.  Got a massage.  Which was tons better than the last time when my masseuse fell asleep during my massage.  Yeah, it happened.
... and I think that about covers it.  I never said it wasn't an incredibly busy weekend. :)


Christy Bilbrey said...

How super fun! Funny thing, we were at the Cheesecake Factory too (right before the downpour) ~~ and had massages also, to celebrate our 17th year Anniversary!

Date'iversaries ~ Birthday Celebrations ~ FUN TIMES!!!

Established: 2008 said...

Happy birthday celebrations! I love that episode of Friends...I feel like everyone has had a moment where they have to make that type of health? or cheesecake?

Amber in South Carolina said...

you know it's love when you share your cheesecake. especially red velvet ;)

Kristin said...

That might be my favorite scene from Friends ever. I'd totally eat it off the floor (well, maybe if it was ice cream). Hope your week is starting off well, dear! :)

Brandi Gail said...

Awesome bday celebrations! Ok, I have never heard of a massage therapist falling asleep! That is crazy! I live Wylie, if you ever want to meet somewhere etc! I forgot where you are! :)

Jessica McCoy said...

Red Velvet Cheescake from the Cheesecake Factory is the most amazing thing on the planet Earth! For real!

It seems like you had a weekend like me ... lots of FOOD haha.

You masseuse fell asleep? How does that happen!?!

Sarah Eager said...

So glad I found your blog! I'm going to start doing Thankful Thursdays too (but now I have to wait until Thursday haha). Come visit my blog too!

The Eager Weekend
The Eager Teacher

Brandi Gail said...

Yes, Firewheel is perfect for me! Sept is kinda crazy for us, so maybe early Oct! :)

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