Monday, October 1, 2012

Eat, celebrate, relax...

Things we did this weekend:


Boy, did we eat.

I made this blue cheese mac and cheese and skinny cheesy jalapeno popper baked stuffed chicken for dinner on Friday, and they were both fabulous.  (Although I sort of feel like the mac and cheese effectively negated the "skinny-ness" of the chicken, but whatevs.  I'm not sorry because the pasta was heavenly.)

We had Razzoo's for lunch yesterday after church, and it was delicious, as always.  We grabbed the off-menu swamp fries (which came with cheese, tomatoes, and green onions, and were laid on top of etouffe sauce.  holy cow) to start after I saw my best friend post a picture of them on Instagram on Thursday and couldn't get them off my mind.  We also enjoyed some rat toes (cheesy seafood-stuffed jalapenos) because I can't, in good conscience, go to Razzoo's without ordering rat toes. 

We also both ordered entrees like idiots and will be enjoying them for lunch today. :)

I made this cheesy crockpot chicken and rice for dinner last night.  It was good, and relatively healthy, but I'd make the following changes:  (1) don't use a whole onion.  maybe half? (2) spice it UP!  Without a good half-teaspoon of cajun seasoning and salt, it was pretty flavorless.


It was our nephew's second birthday this week, and his "choo-choo" themed party was Saturday.  My sister-in-law outdid herself with the cuteness.

Sorry for the crappy quality photo, but look how adorable everything is?! We had a wonderful time and loved getting to celebrate Landyn's birthday with Micah's sweet family.


On Saturday before the party, I headed to Massage Envy for a massage.  This month has been hellish, and I deserved it, dadgummit. :)

I had also made plans with the girls from work to meet up at Bliss Spa at the W Hotel on Saturday evening for mani/pedis.  I had never been to the W before, and it was definitely an experience.

This was the lounge area where I hung out before my appointment, sipping on fruity water and munching on brownies.  Oh, Dallas... you're so much fancier than I am.  But I can try to pretend to fit in when brownies are involved. :)

After we were all thoroughly gelatinous, we grabbed Thai takeout and headed to my friend's house to watch Hunger Games and snuggle with her dogs.  Can I just tell you how much I love and need girl time?  After Thursday, I seriously feel so, so blessed to have good friends.

On Sunday after lunch, we enjoyed a LAZY day of football-watching and napping.  And Dexter!  Who else watched the premiere?  Oh. Em. Gee.  I am so excited for this season!

So that's what we were up to this weekend.  What were you guys up to?


Kristin said...

The end of Dexter had me screaming some swear words at the t.v. Oy! I can't wait for next week's episode!
If I come to visit, do you promise we can eat like that? :)

Nichole said...

I just ate a weak salad b/c I was too lazy to go grocery shopping this weekend and all your food talk made me hunnnngry :)

Sugarr2518 said...

It looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Spa days are really the best:)

The Links said...

Pearson's 1st (and only) stay at a hotel was at The W Hotel! Not because we paid for it though!! We had a friend that won a giveaway with a hotel stay and tickets to a BU game. They couldn't use them so they gifted it to us!! It is such a beautiful hotel, but I definitely felt out of my comfort zone. I'm definitely not a city girl.

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