Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twenty-One Weeks...

(I'm behind, so I'm combining the 20- and 21-week posts. :))


How far along?  Twenty-one weeks!  It's so insane that this pregnancy is over halfway over.  It's flying by!

Baby is the size of... a carrot.

Best moment this week?  Taking her to Paris and... finally picking out a NAME!  We made it our goal to leave Paris with a name, and we're about 99% sure we've got it.  Promise I'll share soon. :)

Miss anything?  Sleeping through the night.  I'm sure it's jet lag, but I've been waking up between 3:30 and 4:30 the last three days, and it's wearing this momma-to-be OUT.

Movement?  Our little carrot is moving like crazy.  There are certain positions she likes (or maybe dislikes?) more than others, and I just love feeling her little nudges. 

Sleep?  Not so great.  But, again, I really think it's jet lag more than anything else.

Food cravings?  None.  Except maybe French macarons.  I miss them in a bad way, y'all.

What makes you queasy/sick?  Strong smells.  One of the guys sitting in front of us on the flight to Paris apparently did not own deodorant, and I just about died every time he stood up to get something out of one of the overhead bins.

Morning sickness?  It's so, so weird, but I'm feeling nauseated again. Did that happen to any of you guys, because it's weirding me out. I was certain we were done with the nausea once we got through the first trimester. And I'm not going to lie... I've convinced myself I have listeria because I accidentally forgot about and took a bite of some Camembert cheese while we were in Paris.  (I suppose it doesn't help that Micah has some sort of stomach bug right now which has very listeria-like symptoms...) Am I crazy to want to call my doctor?

Other symptoms?  The peeing.  Oh, the peeing.  My ability to hold it has to be worse than a toddler's right now.  How is this happening already??

Gender?  It's a GIRL!

Looking forward to... getting our high-resolution ultrasound out of the way on Friday.  I didn't mention it before, but since we did our gender-reveal sonogram a week or two early (since we were going to be in Paris at 20 weeks), and because our little girl is an ACTIVE little thing, they had a hard time getting a very good picture of her heart.  They were able to confirm that all the big-picture things look perfect, but they wanted to be sure there aren't any other problems, such as holes in her heart (I want to puke just typing that out), so we're going in on Friday for another look.  I'm telling myself that everything is probably fine, but I'm obviously still a bit nervous about it.  I suppose the plus side is that we get another peek at our pumpkin, and hopefully they can confirm the gender with a little more certainty.


Established: 2008 said...

Here's hoping for a totally clean scan! Can't wait to hear her name.

Laura said...

Looove macarons! I bet there has got to be a good place in Dallas to get them. If you're ever in Houston there is the cutest place called Petite Sweets that has tons of flavors. Myfaves are the salted caramel and the red velvet.

Jessica McCoy said...

Congratulations on finding out you are having a girl!! My husband wants a girl one day but I want a boy, so we'll see who wins that one! He has a brother and 2 sisters and I have a sister and a brother so it's an even split mostly.

Paris looked like it was amazing and your Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous!

So sorry that the nausea is back. Hopefully it's nothing other than normal hormone stuff and you will be feeling better soon!

Joy said...

Praying that Friday's appt is smooth and everything goes perfectly!

The Links said...

Matt and I did the exact same thing, our goal for our babymoon was to give our baby a name. We had fun all week calling him Pearson before we told anyone!! Can't wait to hear your sweet girls name!

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