Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Best of Pinterest Recipes...

I'm taking a page out of Miss Charlotte's book today and sharing with you some of my favorite Pinterest recipes.  Although I've only made a fraction of the 503 dishes I've pinned, there have been some definite winners.  (To be fair, I feel like I should admit that there have also been some utter failures.  Like this dip and this pasta.  Blech...)

So the next time you're looking to try something new, give one of these babies a go (click on the titles for recipes).


I made these for my Christmas party last year, and they are absolutely scrumptious.  A nice change from the classic chocolate chip cookie (although, let's be real, I'm pretty crazy about those too).


I've told you guys about this stuff a billion times before, but I'm telling you again... if you haven't tried it yet, you totally should.  It's just the perfect creamy, garlic-y, cheesy flavor, and a fabulous, interesting texture, too.  Plus, it really couldn't be any easier to make.

Banana Bread Pancakes


I was definitely more in love with these than Micah was, but they are seriously the most dense, flavorful pancakes I've ever had.  And they really do remind me of banana bread.  I omitted the maple flavoring from the glaze because I'm more of a plain-jane vanilla girl, but I'm sure the maple version is just as fabulous. 


I could seriously drink this dressing.  If you've never had a BBQ-based dressing, you should really try it.  It gives any salad a summery, smoked flavor, and this recipe, in particular, is  (And for the record, my salad looks nothing like this one, with the dressing perfectly and delicately drizzled over the chicken.  My salad's swimming in the stuff.)


Yeah, I said it.  Red velvet brownies.  They're heavenly, beautiful, and the whole darned pan disappeared in a day at my house.  I'd blame Micah, but then I'd be a liar.  And one shouldn't lie about red velvet brownies.


I liked these because they were so much more moist than regular sausage balls.  Next time, I'll probably use a teensy bit less cream cheese to appease my picky husband (who apparently prefers his sausage balls a bit drier... blasphemy), but these are for sure getting made again.

Banana Bread Bars with Brown Butter Frosting

What can I say... I love banana bread.  I made these and took them to work, and they lasted maybe forty-five minutes.  The brown butter frosting takes them over the edge, for sure.


If Paula Deen makes it, you can bet that it's probably going to be delicious.  This recipe's no exception.  I served it as a dip, rather than a salad, and it will definitely be a go-to recipe for me for parties and get-togethers.


If you can believe it, I like this stuff even better than the original puppy chow.  It's so easy to throw together, and it's strangely addictive. The cake batter flavor is delightful.

Southern Pimento Cheese


Now, technically, I didn't actually find this one on Pinterest.  I pinned it myself after I saw it on Charlotte's blog (hi again, friend!), but I had to share it anyway.  I absolutely hate the plastic-y pimento "cheese" you can buy pre-packaged at grocery stores, but this stuff is phenomenal.  And oh-so very southern. :)

If you're looking for more inspiration, come check out my Yum board here.  (And if you're a foodie/Pin-a-holic like me, tell me where you're at so I can come follow you.)


The Links said...

Yummy, thanks for sharing. I'm about to go back through and pin the ones that look yummy to me!!

Laura said...

Cream cheese sausage balls and red velvet brownies are happening!! Do you think they make a complete meal if served together?? Ha!

Kathryn said...

Yum, this is making me hungry!

Joy said...

GREAT day!!! I'm starving and in need of a grocery store run. Thanks Ryan! BTW, can you just mail me a jar of that BBQ dressing the next time you make it?!?! =) Rub Grace for me!!

Lauren Thomas said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my bloggy today..I'm so glad you did! I think we could be great friends! I'm a Texas girl too! Oh yes, I have been dying to try those cream cheese sausage balls! Yummo!

Courtney Cakes said...

I want to eat my computer screen right now!!!!

Courtney Cakes said...

I want to eat my computer screen right now!!!!

Jessica K said...

Wow. Red velvet brownies...amazing! Definitely adding that to my Must Make List! The Cake Batter puppy chow also looks amazing, but probably won't help me lose weight. Well neither will Red Velvet....! Thanks for making me super hungry!

Charlotte said...

Ah! I just saw this! (So flattered by the way!) And I too make those sausage balls! Having them tomorrow as a matter of fact. You have an eye for recipes and I am wanting to try all of these now!

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