Monday, March 11, 2013

To do's (and, holy cow, how am I so behind?!)...

I've got my 34 week bump date coming at you guys later today (complete with details about how we had to go to labor and delivery on Saturday [everything's fine now, I promise] and how I had my first real emotional freakout moment last night at my sweet family), but for now, I'm posting my things-I-need-to-do-before-our-daughter-arrives-and-oh-my-word-I-just-said-our-daughter-for-the-first-time-and-now-I'm-crying list.

Um, I might be slightly emotional and busting out the cray today, y'all.  

It's just that the reality of giving birth and bring home a child is starting to sink in, and there is so much that we still need to do.  But we've been so busy lately (not to mention the fact that I'm technically in trial right now), and all I want to do when I get home is curl up on the couch with a box of Samoas and snack myself into a happy coma. 

So to incentivize me to start crossing things off my to-do list, I'm putting my procrastination out there for the world (i.e., you guys) to see.  And, as always, if you have any tips about other things I need to be doing at this point (besides sleeping... I'm definitely already following everyone's advice on that one), shout them out in the comments, pretty please.

And here we go...

- pack the hospital bag
- pack the diaper bag
- take a birthing class
- take a CPR class
- wash baby blankets and crib sheets (I'm taking the advice of many mothers before me and not washing all of her clothes yet because she may not end up wearing them all, but I do want to wash the things her sweet little face will be constantly touching)
- figure out organization for her closet
- have car seat installed
- get my car fixed (I've got some issues with the electric locking/windows, and I want to have that fixed before she gets here)
- stock up on house essentials and personal items for once we get home from the hospital
- stock the freezer full of oven/Crock Pot meals
- call the pediatrician we've chosen and get things squared away
- call the daycares we're still debating between and confirm availability
- stock up on diapers
- order thank you notes (this is sort of cheating because I totally just did this, but it feels so darned good to cross through something that I refuse to take it off the list yet. :))
- buy nursing tanks, nursing bras, and comfy pajamas for the hospital
- make list of people to call when Grace is born
- pick out birth announcements
- clear out space in the kitchen for all of her stuff
- cord blood banking:  decide yay or nay

This doesn't include all the "baby" things that we actually still need for Grace, but we haven't had any of our showers yet.  Once those are over, we'll reevaluate and figure out if there are things we still need to buy.


Okay.  It seems more doable now that I've written it all down. 


Or maybe I need another box of Samoas after all... 


Emily said...

I feel ya on this one! :) You can totally do it though and things will be okay! Can't wait for your bump update and info about your trip to L&D!

The Links said...

Dont' stress if every little thing doesn't get done before Grace is here, because chances are if it doesn't get done somebody will do it for you after she is here because you'll be taking care of the baby!!

And I'm pretty sure I said something to you about not washing all of her clothes!! You are a smart girl!! And about all the blankets......don't wash all of those either. I would just wash your favorite right now and then wait until after your showers. You will get a TON of blankets. For some reason people love to give towels and blankets. We have 2 baby towels, 2 toddler towels, and 5 blankets. We rotate through them all just fine and we don't need anymore. I returned probably 10 blankets to Target, Babies R Us etc and got giftcards for diapers or other things we needed!!

Established: 2008 said...

Love lists! You're getting so close!

haleypep said...

Haha! Our lists are almost identical! I'm due a week after you -- emailed you a while back.

Katy's words were comforting -- I also am thinking some of these might be good tasks for my in-laws/parents to do when we need a bit of space :)

Also, I'm interested to hear what you decide about cord blood banking. We had pretty much decided against it because of the expense and still unknown factor of the companies and how helpful it is. BUT then I have a friend THIS WEEK who is using the cord blood of big sister for a marrow transplant for baby sister with leukemia. Making me rethink this...

Camille said...

I made extensive lists for each baby I've had too. It's nice to feel prepared. But if you start freaking out, just remind yourself that the only absolutely necessary things are to have a few washed newborn outfits and an installed car seat. And depending on the weather, a baby coat. :)

ThistleAshD said...

don't worry about it too much. people have babies in crazy circumstances all the time and the kids are just fine :)

You really just need people around you to come hold the baby every now and then so you can sleep!

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