Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful for...

Loved and Lovely

There is much to be thankful for today, friends!

{I'm thankful} that I am pre-eclampsia free!  Of course, I won't lie and tell you that the chance of meeting Grace a couple of weeks early wasn't appealing (even though the circumstances obviously weren't optimal), but I know it's best for her to come when she's ready.  And I'm obviously happy that I don't have any health risks to worry about.

{I'm thankful} that my sweet Mamaw is stable.  She was admitted to the ICU yesterday for incredibly low blood pressure, and apparently she's got some sort of blood infection.  It's still very serious, but they're running lots of tests, and her blood pressure is relatively normal again, so that's definitely praiseworthy!

And speaking of grandmas, {I'm thankful} that my other grandmother, Mimi, starts her radiation therapy next week.  I'm ready for her to kick this lung cancer to the curb, y'all!

{I'm thankful} that my work has generously agreed to let me work from home until Grace gets here.  Just another reason that I love my job and will be happy to return once my maternity leave is over (even though I'm already dreading having to leave Grace). 

Last, but definitely not least, {I'm thankful} for Micah.

 photo 26b8eb42-63f7-414c-bdbe-3d2132886b59.jpg
(us, circa 2003)

This guy.  Oh, this guy.

He makes me better in every way, and I couldn't have dreamed up a more wonderful husband and father for our children.  How in the world did I get so lucky?

What are you guys thankful for this week?  Link up and tell us!


Emily said...

Yay for no Pre-C. So are you still on bedrest? I know it may not seem like it, I know it didn't with me, but I am honestly tell you that she will be here so so so soon. You won't be able to believe it! :)

Jaimie said...

So glad things are going so well! Hope both your grandmas heal up quickly. And you and your hubby are one cute couple!! :)

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