Monday, September 9, 2013

Paula Abdul and fortune cookies...

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I snapped this picture as I was flying home from Charleston on Thursday.

 photo 0A3E032A-70A8-4645-8E83-8636617EA904-1577-0000013A9487558A_zpsb7ce5f81.jpg

There's nothing like floating along the top of a cloud to put things in perspective, is there?  Every time I fly, I'm struck by how incredibly creative God must be...

Speaking of creative, I snagged this onesie on Zulily a month or so ago.

 photo F73BBEAE-EA61-477D-91D5-7341917E25C0-1577-0000013A829C10CB_zps5fc057ac.jpg

I mean, how could I resist?  Every time I looked at Grace on Friday when she had it on, I saw visions of Paula's slick dance moves and her eighties bangs.

Have I shown you guys what Grace does when we put her in front of a mirror?

 photo 42746BA2-8F1B-43BC-86F0-7A2C4D51189B-1577-0000013A6D07A4BF_zps40f46cc2.jpg

Ha!  Apparently that little girl in the mirror is pretty, y'all.  (Reminds me of some pictures I took of this sweet girl when she was right around Grace's age... goodness gracious, times files!)

On Saturday, we grabbed some Chinese food at a place we hadn't tried before (delicious, by the way), and this was my fortune:

 photo 201309096copy.jpg

I mean, I really hope so.

By some miracle, we managed to make it to church service AND Sunday School yesterday morning.

 photo 5C5FCC05-7757-4D5A-A633-C9BBD158DA37-1577-0000013A1FF86610_zps41deb187.jpg

Momma may have looked like a hot mess, but this little girl sure was styling!

This dress was one of the first things I bought for Gracie when we found out she was a girl, and I was so excited when I put it on her last weekend and saw that it fit!  Of course, she then promptly spit up all over it, necessitating yet another outfit change and eliminating the possibility of Sunday School.  So you'd better believe that this time I snapped a bib around her neck just as soon as I pulled the dress over her head...

Grace and I snagged a sweet, little nap on the couch together yesterday afternoon before the Cowboys game while Micah studied for his engineering licensing exam.

 photo FC436CFA-1B66-4C23-8BFE-D4937310544E-1577-0000013A11F108AA_zps19de816c.jpg

(Isn't her little hand just the sweetest thing you've ever seen?)

And my mom and stepdad ended up joining us for pizza and a Cowboys victory over the Giants yesterday evening (whoop whoop!), so we missed the latest Dexter.  Don't tell me what happened!

This morning came entirely too early (particularly after the bizarre dream I had last night - isn't it so strange the things our subconscious comes up with?), but we're ready to take this week head on!  How about you guys?


Colleen said...

omg, she is so adorable. love the onesie. Yes, this weekend went way too fast!

Brooke said...

Loved that you had a moment to recognize God's awesome creativity with creation... we take it forgranted far too often!

Jessie said...

I'm swooning. This is absolutely one of the cutest freshest blogs I've landed on in a while!

Amber in South Carolina said...

I so wish I had taken a picture of it, but I got that same fortune on Sunday! I think my husband's was something like you will see good fortune soon. I'm thinking this means we win a lot of money and travel? Haha ;)

Emily said...

I saw the picture of you and G sleeping on IG and thought it was just the sweetest thing! L smiles at herself in the mirror too and it's so fun! I read in one of my parenting books that babies may do that, but they don't understand that the baby/child they see in the mirror is them until around 2 years old. Isn't that crazy?! Also, a little positivity for you-L has stopped spitting up almost completely. It's SO much better now, so I am thinking in a month or so you guys will be out of that phase too. Let me tell you-it's nice!

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