Monday, November 4, 2013

Snuggles and sick...

Theoretically, I have plenty to write about today.  We did have a fabulous weekend.

We spent tons of time snuggling this little cutie.

 photo 1EF0DD68-24B2-431C-822F-3130D4F8943C-17556-0000108C54087F59_zps223b0fbf.jpg

Also, because I adore you all and wish you much joy and happiness, I present the following:

This is what happens when Micah walks into the room.

Please try and tell me that's not the most adorable thing you've ever seen.  (Excepting your own precious children's laughs, of course.)

So we snuggled.  And laughed.  And ate out in restaurants because Grace is now officially big enough to sit up in a high chair.  (Soooo nice to not have to eat with one hand while corralling a squirming baby in the other.)  We also went grocery shopping and watched Miss Thing flirt and laugh at every person she saw because she was SITTING UP IN THE FRONT OF THE CART (seriously, I feel like she might as well be in kindergarten, y'all).

(Side note, a sweet old lady stopped the three of us in the grocery store to comment on how cute Grace was and to tell me that I have a "very good-looking husband."  Talk about stating the obvious... ;))

And I finally got around to taking Grace's six month pictures yesterday.  (Yes, I realize she's just two weeks away from turning seven months.)  So pretty much the perfect weekend.  And I'll get the post up soon!

But then last night Grace got a fever and got suuuuper fussy.  Her doctor had told me at her well visit that she had some clear fluid behind her ear and that it might turn into an ear infection.  So we put her in bed with us and monitored her temperature every few hours.  It was sweet for about the first fifteen minutes.  And then Grace went sideways in the bed and proceeded to kick me for the next eight hours.  Now I remember why she sleeps in her crib... :)

Anyway, long story short, girlfriend has double ear infections.  I suspected an ear infection a few days ago when she wouldn't eat quite as much as usual, and I should have trusted my mommy intuition.  So now we're on antibiotics (heeeere come tummy troubles and diaper rash) and hope that this sweet girl feels better soon.  (Although, the silver lining is that she has been super cuddly and sweet.)

So that's what we're up to.  How about you guys?


Colleen said...

poor little bug! hate when they are sick. she sure is adorable!

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

I think hearing babies laugh is the sweetest thing in the world! She is so adorable! I had Savanna in the shopping cart this past weekend. She still can't sit up on her own but I wrapped blankets around here and she did awesome. She is a nosy thing and really likes looking around and interacting with everyone so she enjoyed it. :) almost 7 months already?! Wow!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, I want to just eat her up! She is darling, Ryan! Sorry to hear about the ear infections though :( Hopefully she feels better soon! Soak up all those baby snuggles while you can!

Can't wait to see her 6 mo photos. I know they are going to be gorgeous!

Oh and also, LOL about the women at the grocery store. I really did laugh at loud at my cube neighbors probably are wondering what I am doing over here at my desk, ha!

Joy said...

That video — Terry and I watched it over and over again when you posted it on instagram. He said, that's so going to be Avery Claire... she's going to do that when I walk in the room. And you know what — he is probably right!

Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Jessica K said...

Daddy's girl! So sweet. Hope little munchkin feels better soon!

Erica @ Team Roberts said...

She loves her daddy, that's for sure!! I hope she feels better soon! We are headed to the doctor tomorrow too for a checkup, but I am suspecting a possible ear infection too.

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