Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Things have been a little crazy around here, y'all.

Work is nuts, Grace is EVERYWHERE, and the house is a hot mess.  Throw in a holiday weekend, and life becomes utter chaos.

 photo IMG_9086.jpg

And I feel like I'm just flying by the seat of my pants every second of every day.  I've got emails to catch up on, a sip-and-see for my sister-in-law to finish planning, Grace's first birthday party to put together, dentist and eye doctor appointments to make, and tons of clutter to organize.

 photo IMG_9074.jpg

Every night I come home motivated to catch up with everything after Gracie goes to bed.  But then I just don't.  Micah and I perch ourselves on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory reruns and fall asleep before 10:00.

Eventually these things will get done.  At least that's what I keep telling myself. :)

 photo IMG_9090.jpg
(Her little bunny rabbit teeth just kill me.)

Otherwise, not a whole lot else is going on.  I did judge a mock trial tournament this weekend at the college I graduated from.  It was surreal and strange, but it was actually really neat to be back there for the first time in seven-ish years.  And I was reminded of how fast it all goes.  I swear, I was just graduating college, in love with a cute boy, terrified about law school, and about to move away from my family for the first time... Time really does fly.

Oh!  And I seriously HAVE to say a quick congratulations to one of my very best blog friends, Emily, whose sweet Lilly was born less than a month before Grace.  It looks like Miss Lilly is going to be a big sister come this fall, and I just couldn't be happier for them!   Congrats again, Emily!

 photo IMG_9070.jpg

One other thing I wanted to tell you guys is that I was selected to be a Confetti Babe Mama Blogger.  Confetti Babe is a shop created by two fabulous moms who make the most adorable headbands for little munchkins.  I'll be posting over on their blog occasionally and just wanted to let you guys know that you should totally stop in and say hello.

Make it a fabulous Tuesday, friends.


Joey said...

Everything will get done, eventually. Sometimes it's just important to camp out on the couch and watch TV. Your mind needs a break sometimes. And life is just too chaotic to keep up all of the time. Someone was talking to me the other day and mentioned the number of years it's been since we graduated college and I almost fainted. I just don't understand where the time went. I still feel 22.

The Tale of Three P's said...

Time just moves so fast! I feel like things get away from me so quickly. I feel your pain.

Emily said...

You are just too sweet, thank you so much for your congratulation wishes and your friendship!!! Grace is just too cute, and I still love all her hair! Are you doing a theme for her birthday or anything? I stressed out about Lilly's and decided not to do a theme.

Joy said...

Here's the thing... you make the rules mama, so if it needs to get done, you'll find time to make it happen. But, you know what you love and what comes first, and there is NOTHING wrong with that! =)

MKLackey said...

Well, mine are almost 5 and I'm not caught up by any stretch of the imagination (even not taking into account the Great Distraction of 2013). Who cares? :) Get some sleep.

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