Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stuff Gracie says...

I'm stealing this idea from Natalie because her posts about all the funny things her daughter Genevieve says are awesome and hilarious and sweet.

Y'all, I know they say that two is terrible, but I must respectfully disagree. This age is so magical because I feel like kids are learning how to really communicate their thoughts and ideas and seem to throw fewer tantrums because of that. (Although let's be real, we still have our fair share of screaming fits around here. And plenty of frustrated cries of "HELLLLLLLLLLP!")

Today I just had to share a few cute things Gracie said yesterday morning before I forget them. I missed her something fierce while I was in D.C. (recap post and pictures coming soon!), and it feels like I left a toddler and came home to a full-fledged little girl. It probably doesn't help that she moved up to the twos class at school this week. Cue the irrational tears and nostalgia.

 photo FullSizeRender.jpg
(She's rocking that side pony, y'all.)

She woke up happy and hilarious. When I picked her up out of her crib, she walked over to her piggy bank (which is actually a gold elephant), picked it up, kissed it, and said, "Morning, elephant!"

As we were walking out the back door to the garage, she said, "Watch your fingers!" I didn't realize it, but I must say that to her every time we leave.

When I was driving her to school, I yawned and said, "Mommy is sleepy, sweet girl!" She fake-yawned and said, "I sleepy, too!" And then she kissed her baby and said "lub you, baby!"(Lub = love, obviously.)

We were almost to her school when she looked up and exclaimed, "Light is green!" Apparently I was taking too long to get through the stoplight.

She's becoming her own real, little person, rather than just an extension of me, and it's a blast to watch. But she's still incredibly sweet and snuggly. I know a time is coming when she won't want me to pick her up and carry her. Or rock her at night. Or read her books.

So I'm soaking it up. And writing down all the funny stuff she says so that I can share it with you. Ha.

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