Sunday, June 21, 2015

What I didn't expect...

From the very beginning, I knew you were going to be a wonderful dad. I could see it in the softness of your touch, your servant's heart, and the way you treated your mama.

I had every expectation that you'd do your fair share of the raising of our children and that I would feel like I had a partner in crime as we navigated new territory together.

I figured you'd help change the diapers and pitch in when I got overwhelmed. And that you'd be present for dance recitals and school plays and basketball games.

But I never expected this.

 photo ACCF8BFF-73CB-43F0-BCE8-2D119CEE86C7.jpg

I didn't expect ring around the rosie in the front yard in your work clothes. Or Daddy/Gracie dinner dates when I'm out of town. Or belly laughs at a volume that I can never seem to procure.

 photo 9AC18F1E-7A85-4705-A1B7-D221B64CFFD9.jpg

I didn't expect you to be so utterly devoted to a curly-haired two year-old who adores you more than life itself.

 photo 123DB05D-0878-4F24-9D70-C7F428A05A4F.jpg

You change diapers and sing songs and watch Frozen for the zillionth time and dispense snacks and give piggy-back rides and kiss boo-boos and tickle toes. You are truly one of the most dedicated and affectionate fathers I have ever seen.

 photo F7D24B25-E29B-451D-8833-362303D87C9A.jpg

Grace and I are the luckiest ducks to have you.

I hope you know that you are my dream come true.

Happy Father's Day, my love. You deserve a medal.

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Jo Elizabeth said...

Oh friend. This is so beautiful. And the pictures are absolutely priceless. Happy Father's Day (belated) to Micah for sure!

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